A small improvement


If you don’t take upgrading before time runs out, instead of losing it, it would be nice to have a random one!


I’m assuming you mean the perks?
If so, then yes, that would be nice no matter what the random one is.

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Actually you will not lose the perks at all

The game will give you a random perk all the time if you didn’t pick 1

Suggestion : make us see what perks we are using


But that would let all the cats out of the bag…


Only if you kill a creature elite, and it’s not permanent, otherwise continue without perks.
I think


Tank you !


LMK is correct- You are given a random perk (Or at least it seems random, ive never noticed a pattern). Ive had this happen numerous times and ill sigh when I realize ive got capacity on hyde or the likes.


The perk is randomized.


I always pick jump height when I’m medic… Jetpack is great for dodging or kiting, but jump boost allows easier mitigation if the monster focuses you and you get knocked down.

I would love to see what perk the game randomly gives you too.