A small break (Break over)


I’m going to be taking a small break from Evolve for now, I have exams and projects being thrown at me left and right (Damn you university :unamused: ), so I won’t be as active on Evolve which I don’t like but I’ll have to deal with it unfortunately. I just hope my Summer courses won’t get in the way too much or my Summer internship.

I’ll still be on the forums :smiley:

I will be on an adding spree however when I get back, so PS4 players if you do see The game tag GrimDragonEvolve popping out for you don’t be too scared :grinning:

I’m back and ready to destroy all you little lovelies :kissing_heart:


I’m taking a break from it too. It’s just gotten a little frustrating.

The best part will be coming back after a while and playing it again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah when I do come back I refuse to play alone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why are you reviving me Hyde? Laz is on the team! You’re level 30! :confounded:


Can confirm, breaks are great.

I took time off from Evolve pre-patch and just got back into it this weekend. It’s been a blast (to me at least) getting used to all the balances, the new hunters, etc.


I’ve only taken tiny breaks for a new title release or something like that. But a few days later I’m back.


What has been frustrating you Midnight? I worry more and more people are falling out of Evolve. :cry:


Just things in general- the bugs, the shoddy MM system, a few balancing issues, etc. I’ll be back though, love this game to death. :slight_smile:


Have all of you got the the DLC characters?


Yeah, bugs and balance issues get annoying. I hope they iron them all out soon.


I do, I can’t speak for anyone else.


Why do you ask?


Curious, I’m probably gonna get it this summer :smile:


Totally worth it. :smile: They are very unique and interesting to play.


Hard to disagree. I still play it, but spend much less time than before.
It is quite common experience that I play just 1…2 matches - because of bugs. I am not so patient as before and when I get first random not-so-fun match and then in the second match as Behemoth it freezes when I am finishing last hunter it irritates me too much to confinue and I focus on something else.

Soo… I am still there, but in my view it is high time to get things improved (ranked MM + bugs).

PS. Now someone answers “TRS is working on ranked matchmaking”. Yes, I know.


I know! I’m so excited for them :smile:


Eh…@Gems I didn’t like any of them very much. Didn’t buy a single one, they’re all…boring, at least to me. Don’t like them one bit. But my friend @Shin gifted me Slim so that’s fun. :slight_smile:




Really? I’m mostly interested in Sunny to be honest. Medic I only play Val, Trapper I suck at it in general and Markov is my go to Assault. Plus 40$ for all hunters kind of… puts me off.


At least you’re still on the forums Gems. ^.^


I have no intention of leaving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: