A Sloppy Journal Log of Evolve, with suggestions on Community Features that could help the game spread its wings


This is a Journal type entry of my experience with the game known as Evolve. I work full time and have life responsibilities, so I may not play as much as the Pro level gamer on a Evolve, but I wanted to provide input anyway.

These inputs are not professional, organized, or the solemn truth about the game in anyway. It is simply input, for inputs sake.

I am almost going to exclusively ignore talking up the gameplay on this game. To summarize my thoughts on it regardless, I find the game to be a beautiful marriage of teamwork and competitiveness rarely found in the current world of Online Shooters.

Let it begin:

9 hours of Evolve Later:

After about 9 hours of Evolve, I went from thinking of it being somewhat interesting, to it being the most time I’ve spent on a multiplayer since Halo.

Every aspect of the gameplay is very well thought out, and every role feels essential to victory against the monster.

But specifically I want to mention some small things the game lacks that could make it a more fantastic experience:

•Theatre mode
•A better progression system
•A comprehensive breakdown of player statistics

This game is almost moba in appeal. I imagine it must be fun to watch.

It has me thinking about purchasing a better headset just to hear the game better.

12 hours of Evolve:

So I bought a 7.1 Virtual Sorround Sound Headset just for Evolve! Feels great! (I bought the camera with illusions of streaming and becoming some sort of famous but not famous Twitch Player…have yet to start that :flushed:)


I still feel that there are major community and competitive components that are missing to make the experience even better.

Especially a Theatre Mode. Something akin to Halo 3/4 Theatre Mode in which you can traverse the environment with a camera, enabling to look at different angles of the battlefield at different times. This gives you the opportunity to study your opponents behavior, and or study monster tactics, etc.
Maybe there can be some sort of limitation, for example no theatre availability to opposing teams in a tournament (a battle of significance).

I’m certain that the devs have talked and flirted with ideas like this, I just wanted to be a voice to let them know that some people do certainly find that idea fascinating.

Another idea that is borrowed from other modern shooters would be the idea of daily/weekly/monthly challenges.


•DAILY CHALLENGE: Transform into a Level 3 Monster 5 times. [2,500 XP]
•WEEKLY CHALLENGE: KILL 50 Hunters [5,000 XP]

Obviously the amount of XP and challenges would be up to the Devs, but I believe it is these little superficial moments of instant gratification that extend the replay value and joy of a game, especially in the western market.


I got to getting some of the trophies on Custom Matches because I wanted to get them over with, I didn’t want the distraction of accomplishing a specific task while playing “real matches”. (I am a trophy enthusiast. So yes, I could easily ignore the…but I don’t. The end. :slight_smile:️)


Nice thoughts :slight_smile: