A Slim Secret revealed


many people when playing slim goes either heal reg or clip compacity. when slim is elite, it only takes him 3 full leech shots to get his healing burst back, I believe. now recently I have been hearing things in the game from the players and the hunters dialog. many people say that the more damage slim does, the more healing he can put out. this is interesting because, if that is true, everyone has been using slim all wrong.

slim + damage amp = more healing?
slim + armor piercing points = more healing?

maybe to get the most BANG for your BUCK with slim is to go with a damage comp?
slim , cabot , griffin/abe , torvald



its not damage that gives more healing, its accuracy.
each pellet from his shotgun gives back a certain amount of his healburst.
so if you hit all of them you get the healburst back faster.


Doing more damage doesn’t mean a faster cooldown on his Heal Burst, it is the number of ‘pellets’ that hit.

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@Jedi_Warrior @squeeton

I guess I was mislead by all the dialog and player chat in game. Then when I saw slim actually say more damage more healing in the picture above when I took out the damage amp. I guess slim cleverly tricked me and my assumptions of his leech gun. :slight_smile:


You must pick the tighter spread increased range perk for those godly heal returns lol.


No worries, quite a few people were confused after he was released.


lol doesnt help when the dialog is misleading too :blush: lol


That’s why he’s a rock reward player. The closer you are to the monster, the faster you get the burst back because more pellets hit the monster. So he is sort of more damage faster healing in that regard.