A slight change to dome mechanics, Trapper based dome abilities, and my thoughts on the planet scanner



I would like to suggest that there be a slight change in dome mechanics to the effect that you can drop the dome at any point without first having the monster in your field of vision. I have been in a situation where it was revealed that the monster was directly below me but was unable to trap the monster and it got away. It would also add the possibility of missing a dome which, in my opinion, would add a level of excitement to the game.

In legacy the dome was a trapper only ability. While the change to make it available to all hunters is welcome, the current planet scanner ability severely limits the opportunity of the monster to use the stealth mechanic implemented in the game. Perhaps we could get a sort of proximity dome trap available to trappers instead of the planet scanner, or on the other hand, give trappers the ability to reinforce the dome which would serve to give the monster more choices on which hunter to attack instead of the auto medic focus that always happens currently. The planet scanner seems like it would function better balance-wise as a character specific trapper ability, rather than a global trapper ability.

On the other hand if the planet scanner cooldown was increased to allow the monster to go longer periods undetected it may serve to allow a stealth approach to monster players. It has been too often that I am in the act of sneaking past the hunters when they just use the planet scanner to see that I’m beside them and change direction leaving me with no choice but to be found.

Thank you.


This is quite an issue for me as well. Sometimes I’ll know the monster is right there, the warp trail is leading right behind a rock or something. I can hear it. But I cannot dome, as it’s not in direct LOS.

The prompt shouldn’t appear until LOS, but you should be able to drop the dome as long as the monster is within range.


I believe this was a sort of the core problems while in theory sounds like a better and more exciting opportunity to use skill, would ultimately lead similar problems to how OG Evolve was in the end up until the update and how this created more often than not situations where monster players would run until stage 3 (and this is for various reason i.e. because they can, because the hunters knew extensively the map, etc etc etc)