A Skin Rant


I want to start of by saying, I’m an achievement whore. I get a lot of satisfaction when seeing that notification pop up that I had completed a task and the same goes for in-game items too. I loved that feeling when I get the legendary drop I was farming for in Borderlands or Diablo. I was that guy in MW2 who just went for camos. With that being said, it’s no secret that Evolve’s character masteries is pretty pitiful. You have 1 skin for each playable character that you can unlock in game. I think that’s pretty bad, but what I find unacceptable is TRS is charging for additional skins when the in game unlock able skins are laughably low. Lets count just how much.

Monster: Goliath- 6 skins = 17.94, Kraken- 5 skins = 14. 95, Wraith- 6 = 17.94. Total = 50. 83
Assault: Markov- 2 skins = 3.98, Hyde- 2 skins = 3.98, Parnell- 2 skins = 3.98. Total = 11.94
Medic: Val- 3 skins = 5.97, Laz- 3 skins = 5.97, Caira- 3 skins = 5.97. Total = 17.91
Trapper: Maggie- 3 skins = 5.97, Griffen- 3 skins = 5.97, Abe- 3 skins = 5.97. Total = 17.91
Support: Hank- 3 skins = 5.97, Bucket- 3 skins = 5.97, Cabot- 3 skins = 5.97. Total = 17.91

Grand Total = 116.50!?!?!

You’ve probably heard the haters saying this game should be free to play because of the DLC model. That’s a ridiculous statement however they do have a point. You almost double the price game in micro transactions? Actually, you more than double when you include tax. In a full price triple A game? Are you kidding me? Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with micro transactions. I understand games are expensive and you need extra money for development especially when we’re getting free maps and modes. What I do have a problem with is when I feel like I’m getting cheated in the game just to make a little extra money. For example, on day one they had two skins for sale for each character. Those should have been in the game at launch!

I know that you guys are thinking. “They have events so you can unlock skins through that.” My opinion on the events will differ from how they are handled. Right now, I hate them. They are the only way to unlock skins without paying money and there are more problems I have with this. I main Medic and Support. Apart from the most recent event, I haven’t really cared about any of the others. I don’t play Trapper enough for me to get excited about the pred skins and hardly ever play monster. My point is you have to wait to go through a cycle to get skins you even care about and on top of that, I might have to use a character I don’t like (Bucket) to unlock skins for characters I do like. Secondly, my ability to unlock the skins are completely out of my hands. I have to rely on other players for the skins. Even outside factors can hinder the communities ability to unlock the skins. I was unable to play at all this weekend due to personal reasons and Xbox Live going down. I don’t think the events are a bad thing. They would be a cool thing, but they shouldn’t be the only way to obtain additional skins for each character without pay.

How to fix? Well, first is to NOT add anymore paid skins. It already feels like TRS is shoving too much of this down our throats without supplying enough unlock able skins. Add at least one more skin for each character. Maybe add a fourth star or like Call of Duty did with different challenges unlocked different skins. That’s about it. If we just got more unlock able skins, I would be perfectly happy. Lastly, this doesn’t make me want to quit the game. I still love it, but when I unlock every skin available for a character, I lose motivation to play him/her.


It’s not TRS’ call to charge for skins rather it’s 2K because they own the IP. Your rage is misguided, & the skins do nothing to change the gameplay since they’re purely aesthetics. If unlocking skins is your only motivation to play Evolve then you’re playing the wrong game, friend.


They are a team. They are Evolve. When one of them screws up, they both screw up. You’re implying at TRS has no say in Evolve. I don’t by that one bit. BTW, it’s not just TRS and 2k. Same goes with any other publisher and developer.

I don’t know how people come to this conclusion. I recognize the skins do nothing, but I still like to have something to go for. In the game, there is literally nothing to entice me play a character I already have elite. Does this stop me from playing the character? No and it won’t stop me from playing the game. If I enjoy the game, I’ll play it without any in game motivation and if I don’t like the game, no amount of progression will keep me playing.


You forget that these skins pay for the things you take for granted. Things like server upkeep and new maps.


Both Chris Ashton & Phil Robb have gone on record confirming that they have no say in the pricing structure of the DLC because their main concern was not to fracture the community with paid maps & modes. The revenue stream from the DLC subsidizes the development of those “free” maps & modes. 2K owns the IP outright, so TRS only has so much leverage even though it was their baby. Even Respawn have reassessed their ways with Titanfall and their future games going forward by removing the charge for their map packs. The ability to keep the community together & playing longer is the key to the game’s longevity, not skins that really don’t serve any gameplay purpose.


Didn’t forget. I even stated that in the original post. However, I don’t think there should be more skins you can buy than you can unlock. Especially on day one (I understand over time).

This I believe. It is the publishers job to after all. Just to be clear, it’s not the pricing of the skins but the quantity of paying vs unlocking. I do believe TRS can put their word in. Like maybe “Hey 2k, the community is asking for more unlock able skins.” I’m sure 2k could laugh in their faces and jack the prices even more, but what kind of relationship would that be? I’m sure 2k would take TRS’ opinion into consideration. I simply do not by that TRS has no say at all.

Again, I recognize this, but I would still like to have something to go for. It just felt like the masteries were half-assed.


If you don’t want the skins, or think they’re too expensive you don’t have to buy them. But you shouldn’t say that they should stop adding buyable skins altogether because they’re not for you, there are other people out there who do like the skins and are more than willing to pay for them


Well, Chris Ashton was visibly upset about 2K’s DLC strategy in a video a few weeks before the Evolve launch. NDA essentially hamstrung anyone on the development team to speak at any depth about the paid content that would be available on day one. TRS knew that would not be taken well by the community whatsoever.

Look, I agree that there should be more carrots available other than the elite skins. However, I, along with many of the usual suspects here believe that TRS is trying to pay it forward with the community events. Is there an ulterior motive in trying to convince gamers to put that Evolve disc back in the tray? Definitely. Again, the main priority is not to fracture the community by charging for maps & modes. Sometimes, you have to rob Peter to pay Paul. :grimacing:


Never said they should stop, just add something for people like me. I’m cheap and don’t support Micro DLC but I don’t believe it’s as evil as most people think. Let’s take Borderlands 2 for example. I believe it was 1.99 for one head and one skin, but I never complained about that. Why? Because I felt like their was enough in the game that I didn’t have to spend any more money to express myself. I usually go for bright color camos, but there is nothing in the game that’ll allow me to do that. However, there is if I pay money.


I understand that if the game isn’t doing well, you need to put has much DLC in front of the consumer as you can, but I don’t think you should cut the in game quantity for that. If the Micro DLC is needed to keep Evolve afloat, then they shouldn’t change a thing. Maps and Modes > Skins.

Hell ya there should. WE WANT MORE CARROTS!!!


You sir, do not know what I’m thinking. What I’m thinking about, is why this guy would do all these calculations just to attempt to prove a moot point.

Don’t like the skins? Don’t buy em! Don’t want to pay $116.50? Don’t buy the skins you don’t want! Skins add nothing to gameplay, besides effect the monsters camo game. Actually, most skins hinder the monsters camo game. So, yeah.

You’re treating it like we NEED the skins for something. I buy the skins I like. I’m pretty sure I have two skins that I actually paid for (because I like them, and I still do) and I have the magma skins from the Season Pass (again, because I liked it and I still do), and then I have every event skin besides the arctic ones. I also have Lazarus Elite. What have any of these skins done for my gameplay? Nothing! Absolutely nothing in the slightest! So it doesn’t matter how much it all is, because you don’t need it. You don’t need Behemoth. Sure, it’s cool and nice to have him. But do you NEED him to win? Nurp!


No, I’m not. If you had read all my posts, I recognized they add nothing, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more. Just one skin in the whole game that’s unlock able? Really?

Why bring need into this? You don’t need the game either but you spent money on it. I don’t understand you’re point for even bringing it up.

Not much mathematical skills went into copying and pasting. :wink:


Agreed. Personally I find the game itself more than entertaining (Haven’t spent a penny since day 1) and will keep me playing on that alone. However, I recognize that that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. Having more carrots wouldn’t be a bad thing, for sure. Hell, just look at Payday 2. Talk about grindfest, any all it really does is give you some exclusive masks/patterns and a shiny card w/ your Infamy Level on it for others to see in a lobby… and yet, things like that keep certain folks hooked.

Not saying Evolve needs a prestige/infamy system (Honestly I think quite the opposite!) but giving folks something to show their time/experience in more ways than just an Elite Skin could keep some folks around and kicking longer.

If not, ah well. Like I said, the base game itself is fantastic for me, I’ll be around for a while yet! I’m more of a “Played HOW long? That’s great. Show me what you got in game!” kind of guy, anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


This was addressed by @SlabOMeat before, plenty of game before Evolve have had dlc but never has a games been so widely complained about… This is nothing new, this game was EXPENSIVE to design and make
They have to do this to maintain profitability. Its business


Nobody has to buy every skin available.
That said, I bought most, and I am aware of the money I’ve spent, why shouldn’t anyone? It’s not like bad Evolve put a gun to your head and forced you to buy skins…


The toxicity in here is too damn high!

I can see where you’re coming from @Ahm3rka , it’s your opinion and it’s one with enough to back it.
It’s a hell of a lot of DLC and it probably won’t stop, in all fairness. What makes money after all will always stay, that’s an undeniable factor.
Much like a mobile game that Keeps you playing but occasionally throwing glitter over the existing product.

People are too defensive against something that to this day is still up in the air and keeping away potential new players to Evolve itself.

There’s too much Paid content but not enough initial content.

Evolve is a great game that I play daily, I love it and suggest it all day long to new people. However, that being said… It’s hard to defend sometimes based on getting your money’s worth at the full price of admission to a generic battle arena with its own personal twist.

Ladies and gentlemen, we call this “Personal Preference”
I’m neutral on the matter.


Have you tried adding up the cost of all of DOTA2’s cosmetic items? I think that would change from a free to play game to one far and beyond the cost of Evolve if you use your method of calculating value.

Yeah all the DLC is overpriced in the game. Skins are cosmetic and don’t really alter the game though so I don’t care.


I know everyone says that, but we don’t know what is said in developer-publisher discussions and it’s all just speculation, for all we know, it could have been TRS idea to have an in game store.

Back on topic though, the community events give out tons of skins, 9 have already been given out with five more on the way (Maggie arctic camo and the bucket challenge has four if we hit the top goal).


You don’t have to buy the skins…and either way with community events such as the Bucket challenge and the Gold weekend and that each one has their elite, it’s not like you even have to buy any either so I don’t see how this is a problem tbh…


All these threads ever sound like is, give me free stuff because I don’t like spending money on stuff you spent money to make. I own nearly all the skins because I’m a total skin whore. Atleast I know my skin whoring ways are supporting an awsome and original game.