A simple question to the community

When is the best time to camp at the relay and when is it not?

You should always try to go for a dome on the evolve when the monster has no armor if all the hunters are in proper position. When you miss the dome or if it’s not ready you should probably go to the relay.


Thx for the info I’ve seen too many people rage quit cuz half the team is camping and trapper just goes off, hate it when that happens

Simple question? No it’s not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The thing is, if you can catch a stage 3 monster right after they Evolve, then you don’t have to go through the armour, which is really good. What isn’t really good, is that not everyone will be there straight away, and the monster will be capable of dealing a lot of damage, which is why a lot of people prefer to regroup, head to the relay, and setup for the monster. Especially teams who are running the deploy able hunters (Maggie, Bucket, Sunny, Markov). Over confidence from hunters when the monster hits stage 3 can be the end of many hunter teams.

Then again, if you have say Crow, and the monster is on really low health, pursuing him so that he can’t get a health regen perk would be really beneficial.

It can be situational, but as a general rule :

It’s reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally up to you, in all honesty. There’s no real rulebook on this, it’s just up to you to use your discretion.

if u did not get the evolve dome and ure trapper is not 100% sure that he can get him in the next like 10 seconds

except if u can stop him from eating ofc

I prefer to go for the throat is it has evolved and we are nearby. If somehow the trapper lost it or say one hunter is dead then re group at the relay. Generally i dislike waiting as a) monster will be at full power and b) will have most likely grabbed a perk.

If the monster has a low health … generally go after him

otherwise stick to power relay

I’d say if you’re playing with pubs regroup at the relay and put a ping on the relay until everyone realises it’s regroup time.

If you’re playing with premades go for it, but as has been said above, you gotta know what your’re doing. If your team falls into disarray versus a stage 3 monster its “game over man . . . game over” (quote from Aliens when a marine realizes their ship and last hope to get off the planet has crahsed and burned)

On the rare occasion I’ve played as a monster, I sometimes see groups go and camp the relay just after I evolve to stage 2 and it really confuses me. I’ll find them there, get a strike or two and then run, but they don’t follow me.

The only reasons to go to the relay IMO is if the monster is sneaky as fuck and it evolved to stage 3 when you haven’t seen it or it was able to get good distance and you aren’t even close to it at the evolve.

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I’ve done this once but it was because the Trapper had thrown, and missed, four domes by mid S2 so it was a little after the evolution. I was kinda tired of playing Running Sim so I pinged the relay until everyone followed, waited ~2 minutes and we had a S3 Goliath that we killed.

I <3 Hyde as Assault.

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