A Silly Yet Awesome Game Ending


I decide to roll as Moonstone Behemoth. I normally don’t win with him but this was a particularly bad match for me…birds right at the start, for some reason lag, and overall forgetfulness of how to play monster and not break everything as I move along on my way. The hunters had 2 determining ranks though, so I was hopeful…and then the character select screen finally comes up and I see Lazarus. I’m like…internal rage sigh

I get enough meats to just about make it to stage 2 but they dome me. I manage to get Trapper down and also support but at a high cost to my health…and of course cloaking prevents me from seeing where trapper fell and the sound of Laz’s glove just tears into me like no tomorrow. I manage to escape and evolve, grabbing some armor, then engage again, this time in a cave…silly rabbits, caves are FOR BEHEMOTH! I bring the fight and get two hunters down but that Laz man, he’s wily. I knocked down assault and it was on. I was trying to focus on Laz but again…his cloaking ability eluded me. Again the Laz glove sound…assault was back in the game. NO! As is always with games that feature Laz, my main goal is only to get Laz down, so I keep at him even though assault is now penalizing me with bullets and I do manage to slap Laz out since his cloak was spent.

Victory is actually within my grasp even though I am sorely weakened down to two bars. I make an uncharacteristic move for me, which is to pounce the last hunter (something I never do but with health on less than 2 bars and assault full up…). I’m wailing away on his body even though he pops his shield…but then Daisy sidles over, turning her back on me and farting a gout of flame. I’m watching this all and start laughing…I’m like NO DAISY NO! Then I’m like…Daisy, you’re so awesome! You’re the real MVP. I could almost hear the hunters on their mics. rooting for Daisy and debate allowing her to kill me as I watch…but then I think I have a minute for the drop ship and I could still win this if I can but escape and grab a little bite of armor…so I finally find the button to unpounce and roll away with the afterburn chewing me down even more, but I hit the water just in time to put it out…but before I break line of sight about 3 bullets hit my back from assault’s auto cannon and I’m done for.

It was an intense finish that had me laughing. Hopefully the hunters had as good of a time as me.

I still hate you Laz.

Shear Photo Fun

Laz was just doing his illegal job, don’t patronize him!


Daisy, you da real MVP!


Counter to laz:

Focus assault, body camp.

Ez pz lemon squeezy


The real question: how the hell was daisy alive? Lol
If she even gets sneezed on by a s1 behemoth im pretty sure she disintegrates


If you have trouble with cloaked hunters you need to train yourself with that…just run some solo custom matches with laz and sunny/bucket and see if you could find them when they cloak…u can see jetpacks and even footprints so it shouldn’t be that hard if you know what to look for :slight_smile:
I used to have trouble with cloaked hunters too but i trained myself with it and got good at it…now i can even pounce cloaked hunters anytime ^^,


Grab a point in rock wall instead of fissure, and you can safely eat any person you kill. There’s no coming back from that, even with a Lazarus man.


God I love daisy. Great story.


This gave me a good laugh Sledge, sounds like a fun match!!! :smile:


If I were in the Hunter team Daisy would brainfart and run away.
Fock u game.


Are you implying that I purposefully aim for Daisy?


You don’t need to aim, merely, shoot, throw, punch, cut, explode in her general direction and vicinity.



I did a bad thing, didn’t I?