A Short Timeline of my Life


04/13/99- My birth. Born 2 weeks and 3 days early and on a Friday. All my family is there.

04/13/99 through 09/20/02- During this period I live in my grandparent’s house. My mother and father have job, but are battling debt from college. My farther gets promoted this day and we get a new house.

09/21/02 through 06/16/07- I live in that house for the entire time. I meet my best friend Jack from across my backyard and we go to school together. I get my one and only pet tortoise, Junior. A red footed breed. Three weeks before the 16th I get the announcement, we’re moving to Michigan. I cry and complain the entire time as wee say goodbye to friends we’ll never see again. We pack and leave that day.

06/17/07 through 06/23/13- We live in a small rental home for a few months as we find a house. My father buys an Xbox 360 and I begin playing Viva Piñata. We move out and settle in our new home. The neighborhood is really nice and almost everyone greets us within the week of our arrival. I meet great friends by the name of Ryan and Cooper. These last till our departure. School is normal, go into a slight depression and begin my running career. On the 23rd we move to Missouri.

06/24/07 till now- We live in Missouri as of now. My depression strengthens and school falters heavily. My running career reaches it’s peak as I prepare for Nationals and the Children’s Olympics. My dreams are crushed as a crippling problem occurs, ending my career right before the big day. I become even more depressed and eventually attempt suicide. I nearly choked myself to death. I get help from my school councilor and we become great friends. Life goes on like normal. I go to the hospital many a time due to my multiple conditions. I’m now a Junior in highschool and have begun streaming, have a job and discovered that I’m bisexual. I have my first kiss with a girl by the name of Holly and till this day I’m still connected to her. I get with a few guys but nothing pans out. I manage the school track and cross country team and start running again.


Bruh viva pinata is the shit I love that game, have a whole garden filled with just worms…love those little bastards


You’re still really young. If you’re feeling depressed, or confused about who you are, what you are, whatever. All I can say is don’t let these things get to you, I promise it is normal to go through these feelings, a lot of people do. The best thing you can do is to not put a label on yourself. You’re not bisexual, you’re a person, and to heck with anybody that tries to tell you differently or that tries to label you. Your preferences don’t define who you are; then attempted suicide, don’t feel like just because you tried to end your life mean you aren’t valuable to society, that’s bullshit. A lot of people attmpt suicide and the fact you didn’t follow through is a blessing in itself, that means that you can make your mark on this planet still, doesn’t need to be big. I think a lot of people get that mixed up that they have to be some big star to make a difference or be accepted, that’s simply not true. You make a difference everyday by giving someone your smile, or taking the time to give them a shoulder to lean on. Loving on people in itself makes a huge impact on society. So don’t think for a second that you can’t leave your mark.

Anyways I hope I’m not rambling. I’m exhausted, been a long day and I hope what I said makes sense and has struck a chord with you.
Live your life without a label, youre not gay, straight, black, white, yellow, etcetera… You’re a human fuckin being, and that within itself makes you pretty damn special. :+1:


Popo just took the words right out of my mouth :smile:


@Crowdalra, you’ve always been a very nice guy. You listen to people, always have kind words for everyone, and are a great member of our community. You’ve got huge things ahead of you!!! We’re all here if you need to talk, you can PM me anytime. I’m sure you’ll pull through the pain you have when you’re running, I’ll be rooting for you in the Global Olympics one day. :smile: