A semi-complaint about Cabot


I love playing Cabot, his kit is by far my favorite. My complaint is that his voice actor and lines just don’t vibe with the other characters.

I describe it as being like playing with your boss. All the other characters feel like characters in a sci-fi action setting. Cabot feels like the bossman who is down to business, kinda anal and by-the-numbers professional manager/supervisor.

The irony is that as much as I hate it…It really kind of fits. I kinda like that I hate it.

So I REALLY don't like Sunny's voice

To be fair he’s one of the most famous Planet Tamers in the Arm. He’s been given a huge contract by NORDITA to come out of retirement and help save all these colonists, this puts his reputation on the line and he has to take it incredibly serious. On top of that he’s leading the largest group of well known Hunters so they look up to him as a leader.

For some reason whenever he calls in dust tagging, he sounds so cool.


I LOVE his voice, it’s great! It’s the kinda VO I’d love to do. However, that goatee. That goddamn goatee. It makes him look like such a douche with that voice. He’d look a thousand times cooler clean shaven… or with a 5 o’ clock shadow.


I think Abe’s VO doesn’t fit him at all. Abe should sound tough and menacing.


I agree so much with you. He sounds like a 20 year old dude, but that moustache makes him look 50


He sounds like a a man who is in charge and for good reason. I love his vo.


Well…he IS the boss.


He’s very calm and collected. Most likely due to the unspeakable horrors he faced a Planet Tamer. Monsters are probably like kittens to him.


Abe voice has a smooth quality. I like it.

You messed with the wrong motherer, motherer.


Yeah Abe’s voice is great. Cabot is the only one that seems kinda off, and it depends a lot on his lines. Some are well done, other’s feel rather dry. He’s fine in the trailer.

One guy I was playing with pointed out that Cabot was asking Val if she knew how to use the gun she had…he pointed out that if Cabot had organized the team, wouldn’t he have picked people who knew what they were doing?

Again, its mostly observation, and the more I think about it the more I like that Cabot is kind of dry and boring compared to the rest of the characters because it really does fit who he is.


His voice may be smooth but when I abducted him he was swearing like a sailor. Jeez.


Cabot is boss man!


Thats why you have parnell. he doesn’t swear xD


I get what your saying but Cabot and Abe are still my favorite characters. I really like Cabot’s voice fits to how I think he should be.


By far the best kill line. It’s just so relieving to hear Abe say that for you after you beaten a monster…


Do the hunters only have one kill line? Abes was “You messed with the wrong motherfucker, motherfucker.”


I actually REALLY like Cabot’s voice lines.
“Time for some REAL damage!”

I freakin’ love it. TRS Does an amazing job on the voice actors


Each has one or two. I remember that Laz had at least two.

“Invigorating! AND we survived! Bucket!”

“The beast is dead, we should bring its body back to…nevermind.”


I get a gay vibe from Abe, maybe because I have a crush on him.


Could be try asking matthew he might know but it sounded to me like Abe is straight due to one of his conversations with Val.
I found it in the I'm gonna burn its f****** face with my f****** flamethrower thread
Val: As soon as we land, everyone stick close to me.
Abe: Sure. How close ya want me?
Val: Not that close.
Abe: Well, alright then…

He does have a glorious mustache though.