A Review of Evolve I Did



I did this review for the small independent site Hardcore Shooter, and I want to know what you guys think of it.

Spoiler: I rated it quite highly, but I feel what I’ve written in the actual text of my review backs up my high rating. That’s the kind of feedback I’m looking for - if my arguments in the text successfully support my overall score.

Just remember this is MY OPINION. I have the right to my opinion as much as you have the right to yours.


Hmm to me it’s more an overview instead of a review so it’s kind of hard to argue with it. There is no deep analysis of the mechanic or in depth comparison of the graphic so giving feedback in this regard is really hard.
As for the score 95% is meh. 95% means it’s close to perfection, very very close, and it’s simply not. If you look at it objectively too many features are missing and some of the balance is off so giving this a 95% is as said meh.

Also be careful with statistics especially if the come from the guys who create the product this goes for everything not just video games.

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How can I submit my own review?


Looking back at what I wrote, I can see what you mean in some areas. I did try to go in-depth in some areas (like when I described the Goliath as “button-mashing” and the Wraith as “Metal Gear-like sneaking”), but it was kind of hard to cover what I wanted to cover in the space constraints I had (yes, I did have space constraints).

Maybe if I focused on the gameplay areas I wanted to cover more instead of the history of the game (i.e. talking about pre-orders/DLC/etc.) I could have done better in this regard. That turned out to be good feedback. Thank you. :blush:

The reason I gave it a 95% score was because I was comparing it to other games in terms of overall fun I was having. That’s the benchmark I use for giving a game a numerical score. Yes, Evolve does have missing features, and the balance does need tweaking in some areas. but I honestly had a lot of fun playing this game since it launched on February 10. I’ve played some other AAA games for even less time than Evolve has been out (Evolve has been out for about a month now), so to me that’s saying something. (FYI I do play other AAA for a good chunk of overall hours when I play them, but oftentimes they don’t have long-term weeks-and-weeks appeal for me.)

There should be a comments section on the page I linked. It’s near the bottom.

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