A Revamp to the Ranking System


One of my main gripes with the game is the matchmaking and the way you rank up. As someone who’s main goal is to win, I want to be matched up with someone of the same intensions and skill level as me. I thought that reaching max level would solve this problem, but I still run into people who seem to be clueless. You know the type, the ones who revive with a Laz on the team, trappers who have no concept of cutting a monster off. It’s incredibly frustrating and I’ve given up on playing without at least two other people.

My proposal? Revamp the ranking system. Currently, it’s a joke. It has no representation of skill. The only thing it shows is play time. I believe a better system would be to have Halo 3’s ranking system. If you won, you’d gain rank, if you lost, you’d lose rank, if you backed out, you’d lose more rank. It would give me an estimation of the players skill and let me know if I should bail or stick around. Additionally, I think all of the perks and characters should be unlocked from the start. Evolve has a lot of depth to it, but sitting it behind a ranking system limits that amount until you reach about level 15. This would get newer players into the fight quicker.

Lastly, I have some concerns. I believe TRS is working on a more competitive mode, but I’m worried that this will divide the player base even more. However, I don’t know anything about the mode, so I’ll remain optimistic. Finally, there might be a skill based matchmaking in the game already, I just don’t know about it. One reason I might be getting into lobbies with people who seem like they just picked up the game is because the player population is to low. I play at odd hours so that might have something to do with it.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see these changes?


we all can just dream of the ranked mode…

i wish @MacMan could give us some new infos when its gonne be released :confused:


I would like to see role level.
IE rank40 trapper
rank 25 support
rank 5 medic
rank 1 monster
yada yada
and match that way.
its very possible someone only played a specific role and wants to try a new one.


That’s a great idea. Then you could see someone who might be a better trapper than you are and trade, thus getting maximum performance.


Agreed, I would like to see what they’ve come up for it.


My friend just started playing Evolve… a bunch of us are level 40 and we usually get matched with other 40s. But with my level 1 friend we actually got matched with others below level 10 and 1 20+… Or maybe its just a coincidence =)