A request to the devs...for the Evolve Community


Ok I love it when I’m excited about a new game, getting new info. It is a highlight to read and makes the anticipation stronger. And I understand that you are on a schedule with the publisher (2K) on what and when you can release key info. But I hate when there’s weeks go by and nothing happening, and I know you guys are hard at work, and I just like reading something…anything to appease the future hunter/monster in me.
So…if possible, can a different team member post an article each week on the same day, and tell us what’s going on? Just a summary or anything. Maybe about themselves, how they got involved in this project, what they’ve been doing. Anything.
Community, give me the feedback on here if you would like this. Devs, I would love it.
Appreciate your hard work…can’t wait till October 21st!!!


For now I try to forget the 21st October to only focus on the 10th June for E3 ^^
It’s less far and I’m sure we’ll see at least a new monster ! = D


I’d like something like this as well. One of the animators posted a vine video of Daisy’s walk animation, that’s enough for me. I just like to get little bits of information every now and again. Obviously there are busy making a game and I understand that, but if Turtle Rock started doing a sort of weekly update or something along those lines, I’d be really happy


Yeah nothing major, just something.


I would like more information to satiate my lust for this game. If they could do weekly updates on top of what they are already doing, of course I would be thrilled.

However lets just acknowledge that this dev team is already fairly open when it comes to info. They talk regularly on the forums, which is not always the case with many dev teams. We just got new info and videos not that long ago, and E3 we will get more. Weeks and weeks with no info is par for the course with many games’ development. I just feel asking for them to do weekly updates (which does take time and energy away from other things…and is by no means a minor request), could sound ungrateful. Plus just read the dev tracker for the last few months. We’ve get daily updates with lots of juicy information, on top of the regular updates.


That’s a good point. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like them to do a weekly update thing, but if that means it’s going to take important time away from the game development then I’d rather not have it.

I think we all just need to wait a bit longer. E3 is like, a week away and there’s gonna be loads more information from that (I hope)

I hate sounding ungrateful too. I’m genuinely really grateful that Turtle Rock are actually using the forums and answering our questions, so I hope I don’t come across as ungrateful


Yea, I enjoyed @MacMan’s thread “Telemetry and Game Balance” very interesting to read things like that. Or he also took the time to explain harpoon traps vs the gun, etc.


I agree with that. Maybe if there was an “in depth” label for a topic, that only the devs can use. Then there could be a topic for a certain weapon, that explains in a lot of detail how it works


Absolutely grateful for all they do. And no, I don’t mean to interfere from their day to day duties. I thought it would be real cool to have someone ever so often stop in and say something when the info is not coming in as frequent as it may these next few weeks. I see your point, but like I said, just anything, maybe a funny moment that happened, or a cool side note, is much appreciated. Loved the stats comparison!!


I would really like this, but the devs are already very active in the forum (especially compared to other devs). So as long as it doesn´t get less I´m pretty happy with the current situation too.


I think overall I’m really happy that we aren’t being ignored. But if the opportunity to get more information every week arose, I definitely wouldn’t turn it down


Oh yeah these guys are great, no doubt. Just a suggestion for them to consider.


Agreed, turtle rock’s forum is amazing compared to a lot of other forums I’ve looked through, I love that even the head guys get on and chat with us. I too would like to see weekly stuff released, maybe even just some of their game play to watch or more statistics like the telemetry thread, but that’s just my massive anticipation for this game. Gotta say that turtle rock is one of the friendliest game developers I’m aware of and I’m very grateful for all the time and effort they’ve put into evolve and these forums


Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how much the devs were engaging with the community.
Also, I hope I didn’t come across as accusing anyone of being ungrateful. I was mostly just reminding us on how much information the devs already give us :wink:


Hey guys! I’ll talk to the team and see what we can come up with. This is a great idea and we certainly love talking about the game! :smile:


Awesome!! Thanks. This would be great.


To add on to what @SlabOMeat said, we actually just hired a new Community Manager. We’ll be introducing her to you guys soon and we’re going to be working really hard to come up with awesome things to share. We definitely hear this request loud and clear and trust us when we say that we’re dying to give the community more.

So keep the ideas coming and we’ll do our best to deliver :smiley:


One of your animators posted a vine video of Daisy’s walk animation, would you be able to do more stuff like that but maybe with Goliath walking or doing a leap smash? I really liked the Daisy walk cycle


Our devs are hard at work finishing the game and making it super awesome, so it’s hard to get stuff like that out. But we love hearing feedback, so me and @DamJess will see what we can do about getting you guys more of that type of content.


Awesome :slight_smile: can’t wait