A request for aid - Kraken art help


Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to find a good image to turn into a vinyl decal for my Chromebook. I’ll be hand cutting the image so it can’t be too heavily detailed.

I’ve decided on the Kraken, but I’m having a hard time finding an image that is light enough to convert to a high contrast/B&W image.

Here is what I currently have, however some of the details are so fine I’m worried they won’t come out well or won’t transfer properly.

So, I’m asking if anyone has any lighter/better images they think might work better. Any help would be appreciated.


I couldn’t find any other pics, so I just made this one twenty times brighter.

#Before Rapt

#After Rapt


Oh, I should have clarified. This is the image I started with:

Then I made the image I posted from that. My issue is that the starting image was so dark I lost a lot of the bigger details and was left with very fine lines and dots. Which will be cumbersome to cut by hand and may not transfer properly.


I think that image would work fine if you went for a more minimalist approach, for example:

Just pick out the major features, such as his face tentacles and arm ridges, and of course the lightning appendages. And cut out the general shape of his arm instead of trying to reproduce the skin texture on it.

I don’t have my good art laptop, but let me try messing around with this things art program, see if i can get a basic idea.


That was my original intent, but I figured I would try to see if you all had a better image or idea.

I appreciate your help!


It is done (Pardon the poor craftsmanship, spent like 5 minutes on this, and you can tell where i started to get lazy and think that perhaps I should be finishing my homework instead, haha)

I think the image can actually come out quite nice if effort is put into it!

As for another image that could work on the same principle: http://s1.dmcdn.net/FvZEN/526x297-6sN.jpg


We’ll see how it comes out! I only have enough material for one decal so I will definitely be taking my time.

I love that second image, but again the silhouette isn’t enough I don’t think.

My only other option is to take this image and bring up the contrast. I love the Kraken’s face so I want to get it 100% correct.