A request about solo play to the devs



Can we have a non training solo mode so we can still earn silver keys, but maybe at a reduced rate, and still complete some challenges, but maybe not all? I would love to hear something from a dev!


I’d rather se a change to the xp system, maybe make the limit separate for each character, rather than three matches total.


There was word of a CO-OP mode, where we fight against an AI monster.

Would that be enough?


Go into Custom games. You can play solo from there. You should be getting normal amount of keys and exp.


That’s what i was talking about, if you play that enough, it tells you to play online to continue earning things, or wait till tomorrow.


But when you go into that, it says you will receieve reduced keys and experience, does it not?

I’ll double check but I’m quite sure it does that for Custom Games as well as Training Solo matches.


I haven’t been getting that message when playing Solo. Might have disabled the notification.


Hmm, I did it just now and I did not get the notification.

I think when it first comes up there’s an option saying “Do not show me this again” or something and I clicked that.


@taskforcem85 Ah alright, my mistake.

It says “Only a certain amount of keys and XP can be gained daily.”

So it gives you normal amounts but you cannot just grind out solo games. That explains it.


Probably for the best. Pretty easy to win versus bots. Could level up my characters extremely quickly.


it seems they removed the custom lobby they had for solo players. Im a little disappointed and hope this update doesnt hit console.


They haven’t removed it. I just finished playing a custom solo game.

They just put a limit on how much XP and Keys you can gain daily by playing customs.

It will though. That has been confirmed, for sure.