A reflection


When I got Left 4 Dead, it had already been out for like 8-10 months. My friends told me it was a great game and I should get it. Steam had it on sale for $25. I told them my rule was to only buy FPS games for $20. So my friend slams $5 on the table and says “Here’s $5, now it’s like $20 so buy it!” So I did.

I ended up playing a game one night with some friends and we were doing blood harvest, which I had never beaten before. One of my friends was really good and with his guidance we were handling the hordes pretty well. We ended up making it to the barn and holding up in a corner. Right as a wave had been cleared he started walking toward the window and explaining what would happen “Oh guys, to the military truck is going to come up the road here…” The moment he got in view of the window he was instantly pulled out through it by a smoker tongue and his deep voice turned into a high pitched whining scream “Noooooooooooo!” I ran to the window to assess the situation and saw him grappled with a few zombies around and as I turned to face my other 2 friends, the laughs just came pouring over the mics. We were laughing so hard and holding our sides, we couldn’t keep our hands on the keyboards. With that I told my friend, “Bye Creep!” and eventually headed back into the defensive corner"

We ended up losing that game, but years later we would reminisce how hilarious that game was. It was so completely unexpected we couldn’t have scripted it. Ironic that we would criticize scary movies where people would make stupid decisions and die, but we ended up doing the same in left 4 dead and it made for great memories.

Just as Left 4 Dead left me with some of my most memorable gaming moments, Evolve did the same thing. I am so happy I got to be a part of bringing Evolve to the world and was able to share joy to others like TRS did for me before I started working here.

I have spent over 6k hours playing Evolve over the past 4 and a half years, dealt with thousands of bugs, focused hundreds of hours on unsolved issues, got to be part of the creative process in helping design the game, seen multiple iterations of our game, and worked with amazing talented people. I have no regrets pouring my heart and soul into this project, this studio, and its people.

I Appreciate all the love coming from the community. Thanks for all the feedback, both positive and negative. I wish we could have solved all the negative issues as they arose, but making games is hard. Though we did the best we could. Turtle Rock’s time working on Evolve may be over, but the studio will go on and I will always have fond memories of both working and playing Evolve.


You at least brought some sanity to the game balance. Thank you for your efforts.


Thanks for all the time and effort you put into making this game better for all of us. We appreciate it and will remember you as part of something that was special to us :slight_smile: Evolve forever!


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