A Reasons TRS Is Awesome


There are many things that make TRS a great video game developer studio but I’m going to focus on one thing in this topic.


It’s not something that’s easy to achieve. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to Telemetry and Balance. There’s skill level differences, different hunter compositions, different maps, different game circumstances (wildlife, weather, etc.), there’s different Monster skill builds, the different stages of the Monster, and a lot more. The smallest decision in the game can change the outcome.

What this means is that the amount of work and consideration that goes into the choices revolving around the balancing of the game are extremely difficult to make. A small buff in the hands of one player can do almost nothing but in the hands of another player it could potentially make them never lose a game. There are players who never lose with a character and others who never win.

With all that being said I want to congratulate TRS on taking on the task of balance and doing great. There are always going to be things that need to be changed as the player base evolves but I feel we’re getting closer to what I would say is, dare I say it, perfect balance.

Thanks you TRS for all your hard work on the game and keep doing what you’re doing :bucket_salute:


<3 Turtle.  


<3 the Rock of Turtles


Yeah, you can see that in here:

And still, they have done their best to balance this game and I really appreciate that, that’s one of the many reasons I love TRS ! :heart:

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I have 288 games in my Steam account and the game with the most of played hours is Evolve front of L4D. Thank you guys !


As @MacMan has been hinting a lot of balance stuff is in the works for everyone. I can’t wait to see how the game changes in the next balance update!



I hate you all soooo much right now. The build up to this is almost too much, almost


It’ll be interesting. ^.-


I remember when (turtle) rock (studios) was young…




Honestly, as much as I see balance changes brought up (many of them by myself >_>;), the game really does feel more balanced than most. The amount of dedication being shown to balancing everything perfectly is extremely admirable, especially for such an inherently unbalanced game.

Considering how long it took (and how many “re-releases” it took) to get to how balanced Ultra Street Fighter IV is, (six full years and four re-releases, not counting the original game, FYI), the fact that Evolve is barely near its half-year mark and is as fair as it is? Is really goddamn good. And even with the imbalances that exist, there’s nothing even close to bullshit like Dhalsim VS Hugo/Zangief.

The balance in Evolve is fantastic, and the dedication to improving it by TRS is not something to be sneezed at. They’re tackling quite a bear with this, and deserve tons of kudos for sticking to their guns.

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Wait, why is he so dominant in arena?


He does amazing damage in fights but in hunt where it’s not always a fight he can be a bit lackluster as you have no defense.

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Well, the number one reason is that people tend to use the healing perk with him and they wait until sudden death and believe me, it’s a nightmare for a monster to deal with Bucket’s sentry guns in sudden death :stuck_out_tongue:

Number two could be that he doesn’t need to use his UAV and then run to the dome to place his sentries. Now he can place them and start shooting missiles, damage all the time!


Does the uav guid the sentry guns? Or was that just a suggestion


Suggestion buddy :smile:


That sucks, I was going to try bucket out again to see how it worked, make sense I gues though, u less it only worked when you tagged the monster

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Interesting. Im asking because i only play hunt.

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