A really anoying Lobby Bug while playing with friends


There is a really anoying lobby bug which kick your friends out.
In simple words it occurs when your friend that is not the host joins your lobby, and then he tries to change his preferences or goes into his profile. When he does that he get’s kicked and then comes back.
The problem is when you start searching for people, cause the system search then for let;s for more people then needed. Let’s say I play with one friend. The he start changing his preferences and get;s kicked. The game then starts to search for 4 people instead of 3. So when my friends comes back he get;s the message “Lobby is Full” cause he is the 6 person then.

Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything and it still kicks your friend out.

Sorry for english.


i hate it too, hope they fix this fast.


We have a fix for the “Lobby is Full” problem in QA!


thnak you thnak you thnak you