A Real Missed Opportunity


“The Ice Bucket Challenge” for ice themes skin maybe like wins on just the snow maps with bucket. Obviously less than trapper challenge though, since snow maps dont come out as often.


The IBC thing is way past its 15 seconds, it’s no longer relevant, not to mention that it was quite silly to begin with.


It wasn’t silly D:

The IBC was a donation project that got millions of dollars to help treat Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Thats why i said missed opportunity, it was kind of still existant around launch. It could have worked(probably not)


The donation aspect of it was ok, as was trying to raise awareness about the disease. What I’m criticizing is how it turned into a meaningless meme, a publicity stunt at best. As with good ideas (which I still don’t think it was the case with IBC), the original concept becomes distorted the more people get into it.
And yeah, I wouldn’t like that it got tied to the game, it doesn’t make much sense to have those passing fads forever as part of a game.

I shouldn’t even have to say this, but for everyone who wants to help a cause, there’s better ways to do it than posting a totally unrelated joke video, IMHO. If you care, get out there.


I just wanted clarification on what you thought was silly. I wasn’t sure if you didn’t support the ALS bucket challenge or just the fad. But yeah, I don’t want a challenge tied to the game unless TRS or 2K were actually donating to a cause.