A rare bug for Wraith's Decoy


Had a match where for about a good two minutes or so the moment I spawned Decoy it would warp once and then just come to a full stop. Not turn or slowly creep to somebody but it would come to a complete stop and freeze. I was going to lose the match anyway (probably) but that Decoy bug did not help and in fact screwed me out of an advantageous position against their Assault.

I can’t believe how bad the Wraith is now.

Warpblast is absurdly good (which it has to be right now).

Abduction is buggy as hell having hunters get pushed into walls and then not retreating back to the “Deploy” spot only for the hunter to fall into and under the map. It has bad hit detection at long ranges (which hinders the effectiveness of how the ability is supposed to be used).

Decoy does an exsessive amount of damage but I guess it needs to (for now) because of of how dumb and buggy it is. Downs Hunter, Uses Decoy aiming at said Hunter, Decoy chases after Hunter on the other side of dome, Expires before reaching new target, Downed Hunter is now up, Angry Wraith Player Mode Activates

And Supernova… I feel bad for those that that have to work on its mastery for dealing damage to hunters with other abilities while Supernova is active. If you activate Supernova and then use Abduction to grab players and pull them back Supernova is already down before you can resume pummeling them. The worst part is that the Tutorial videos suggest things like this but are now very crummy points and tips because of how many tweaks and adjustments have hit her thus causing the tutorial to be mute if not completely useless.

1 Absurd ability, 2 Buggy Abilities and 1 Laughable Ability. Awesome…

Sorry about my rant and this topic is mainly about the Wraith just STOPPING/Freezing in combat… not about my personal views of the Wraith’s abilities. Don’t get me wrong for being a bad Wraith Player I’m probably one of the best actually (not trying to sound like a gloating ass) but I feel hindered by her extreme bugginess.

Maybe TRS is already aware of the frozen Decoy bug and this whole thread is pointless… I guess we will see after I hit the “Create Topic” button.


A three point maxed out super nova is great, warp blast is good, and decoy never glitched for me. I have to say Wraith is’nt that bad, i mained wraith since launch and its still my go to monster. I do have to agree abduction is really bad. At least with behemoth the “grabbing animation” is faster and you can easily chain it into a stealth pounce. I also wish they would highlight who you’re going to abduct.


Fixing supernova would be easy to be honest, return damage to what it was, remove size scaling with level and make duration scale instead.
Supernova is stupid huge. Far bigger than it needs to be. It’s duration of 4 whole seconds is what makes it garbage now. Alternatively replace size scaling with scaling cooldown reduction.

Oh, and don’t even bother taking Decoy. Shits worthless, it’s a waste of points. Always has been. The skill needs a drastic rework, or should just be straight up replaced.


Well Decoy is f**king awesome when it works… but that isn’t always the case and it pisses me off substantially. I do agree that both Decoy and Abduction needs a tweak due to their issues.

Wonder if they can just make Decoy a Temporary Cloak without the Decoy but since they are taking away the Decoy allow Wraith to either Attack or Warp or gain a huge speed boost while Cloaked.

I highly doubt any of this would happen but it’s a start. I love Decoy but ever since I used it the first time and seen its damage output but see how dumb it is in nature it just never made sense.

Abduction is a really good ability but considering how hard it is to aim at a large distance and when vs against smart Hunters long range Abductions will never happen… add in Maggie Harpoon Traps and you’ve got a close range attack that’s kinda… odd… unless you skywraith… yay.