A random 5th IA guy spawned during a hunt


We were in a hunt in the map Wraith Trap (NO EVACUATION), just a simple hunt.

And trapper died, a player connected approximately at the same time the trapper should have droped from the respawn ship, and instead of the traper coming down. A random IA guy came down.

Very weird hunt, but very fun, even more so when that random 5th started switching for Hyde minigun and cripple the monster’s ass.

We were laughing our asses off at the end screen with the monster. Best hunt in a while with a very nice bug ^^.


O: cool i hope i get a ai 5th player bug


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that must have been epic!


At first I was like “Trapper is that you ?” and then I saw the guy switching to a minigun as tall as him… no, that’s not the trapper, WTF ? I was sure that the game bugged and trapper wouldn’t be able to come in … but he came in the next dropship.

But it was pretty cool. And we clearly saw that 5 (6 with daisy) is far too much for the monster to keep track of. We carefully managed our health and it was one of the easiest stage 3 fight I’ve ever played. Thus we won. We were all alive at the end of the match I think. Assault random guy was shooting shotgun crap & minigun jumping everywhere. T’was pretty cool.