A quick suggestion for DLC in the lobby: Request to play a character


What I mean by this:

As long as somebody owns the DLC character in your lobby, you can request to play them. This will not boot the player out of their slot. In baser terms:

  • Player wants to play, for example, Torvald. Does not have
  • Torvald is owned by the Trapper player.
  • Torvald owner receives a small notification saying “X is requesting to use Torvald”
  • Assuming that person accepts, their copy of the DLC will be scanned by the other person’s game and used for that match in the lobby.
  • You are limited to one per lobby.


I think TRS kept it semi-hard to become a DLC character because they still want people to buy them if they like them. If someone who doesn’t own these DLC characters can simply request to play it from someone else there wouldn’t be any point in buying it now would there?


If I understand well, this means that only 1/5 of the players would need to buy the DLC, in order for the whole player base to use them.

From a marketing point of view, this doesn’t sound seducing. :wink:


Only 1/5th the playerbase will buy it anyway


That’s anecdotal.


So one out of four friends has to buy the DLC? How does the developer make any money off of that?


Which would become 1/25 if people could ask to play them on lobbies.
No money incoming = publisher not happy and potentially canceling future updates (after T5). :-/


Lol beggars cant be choosers I would say!