A Quick Question


I would like to know how I can create a thread that has links to multiple other threads. However to get to those linked threads you have to through the main one. (if that is possible) Thankyou in advance


Do you mean posts in such thread? Or just a thread in general?

EDIT: Just realised you meant unlisted threads that are in a general thread, not posts in a thread. :sweat_smile:


You would need to have a Leader or Mod set it up for you. @Plaff is a pro at it :wink:

They would have to make the Topics that the main one is linking to, but they’d be unlisted so you only see them if you’ve clicked the link.


Okay then as long as @Plaff is cool with it I will DM him about what I want to do later. I can then get a second opinion on my idea :slight_smile:


@GrizzleMarine , is it to make a nice list of all the tutorial videos you are doing? (still waiting for the next one, no rush though)

P.S. No idea why my comment turned into a reply to Skill4u2envy…


haha no I am still doing those but holding back quite a bit till TU9. This is going to be community montages of epic moments in Evolve where anyone can submit clips. It will only work if a decent amount get involved though.
If I get this thread made I will explain in more detail.


I can help you set that up, I’ve already done it a tonne of times so it shouldn’t take long :slight_smile:


I tell you what mate I have already set up the thread without all that but if your willing to add to it later feel free. Basically in the thread I want people to submit clips for community montages and if they could be linked to a certain area for a certain themed clip it would be helpful seperating videos from each other.