A question to monster players


Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to down a hunter unless you are in a favorable location, like goliath/behemoth in close spaces, wraith needs cliffs and places she can hide within, kraken well it depends if go for after shock build or aftershockLESS build.

ive been playing decent to good teams with friends and its starting to suck or be very stressful being the monster when you cant win just cause the hunters abuse this one cliff >.> you have to fight in your areas or its pretty much you lose more hp in the end.

monster options have become limited >.> certain hunter combos have destroyed monster options… im looking at you hank/caira lol

no hunter opinions plz, i want to hear from my monster brethren

btw stage 3 sucks ass depending on monsters and relay


You should develop a sense of when the hunters are relatively close to you considering the last time you saw them. Spend your time planning feeding routes that will end up with you being next to big wildlife and plan ambushes for hunters at stage 2 in areas where there is wildlife for you to push hunters into. Let them think they’re catching you in a dome because they were fast or you sloppy, all the while you’ve been setting them up to fall.


I could go on a long tangent about why it could be happening, but frankly I’m too tired and too frustrated so
Game is hunter favored
I’ll be back to read all your hatefilled posts in an hour or so


yeah ive been playing behemoth/goliath and its extra hard with behemoth >.> oh and ive been playing against good teams the split into 2 teams and you cant really tell which of the 2 are the trapper and they come from both sides, also … lets not forget daisy lol


yeah, yeah it is… just gotta make sure it isnt just me, cause you know good game, but when its not fun being one side, cause the other is heavily favored :confused:


Hit & Run is one of the very few viable tactics as a Monster if you don’t want to get destroyed at the Relay when you reach stage 3 vs Hunters without strikes.


hit and run?? at what stage do i do the hitting? stage 1? or stage 2 when i have no armor, cause my evolving made a huge roar and they are heading my way?


Behemoth is about the only monster I can play as a sub-average monster going up against usually good hunters. He’s the only one that gives you a bit of wriggle room for getting things wrong. The arena you fight in and positioning are everything, and so while I’m no good at it I can certainly see why monsters would choose to hide as much as possible in a dome if the area is too hunter favoured.

Stage 3 IMO needs a slight tweak which is that you have to be within 70 (or maybe 100?) meters of the monster to shoot it off the relay. The long drawing out of games because a hunter on certain maps has a huge line of sight and ranged weapon is ridiculous sometimes.

I’m hoping that Sunny gets a meaningful nerf at some point because she flat out wrecks the game for people of my skill level, especially with Griffin.


I’m not the best at running/sneaking, but what I lack there I make up for in combat, which is why Sunny and Torvald never affected me much and how Hank and Caira ruin my day, even when I win.

When I look for a place to fight, I prioritize places where the hunters have a dis-advantage rather than me having an advantage. I try to avoid places where there are a lot of pillars and “canyons”, as long as those are not present the hunters are going to have a bad time, so it doesn’t really matter if you miss a couple abilities because of a tree or something.


Hate intensifies

Seriously though I don’t get what’s wrong. I do seem to witness much higher Hunter survivability, but nothing sems wrong…


yeah you pretty much repeated most of my first post lol, unless we fight in our areas we screwed


sir your a hunter, plz no more hunter opinions thnx >.>


@LaggerCZE was writing from a monster perspective wasn’t he? I don’t think you can say “Please only monster players contribute, oh and only ones that also agree that monster isn’t fun”, that’s not much of a discussion :slight_smile: Let people say their piece, and flag any “hunters” posts you think are just trolling your thread so we can deal with them :smile:


What the hell, man. I was saying that that I do think that Hunters seem to live longer now, but I don’t get why, and that info is much more valuable to me.

Besides, nobody is just a “Monster player” or just a “Hunter player”…


its was on my first post no hunter opinions and ives seen his post in alot of topics, he heavily favors hunters and i just want to hear from monster opinions because i swear its not just me its gotten to the point where monster is stressful


to be technically fair yes ppl do play both, but at the same time there are ppl who favor one over the other more, and no offence, but your past post have believe you heavily favor hunters , sorry but its what ive seen from you


It doesn’t matter what you’ve seen, only what people say. Right now it appears the only person trying to be divisive is yourself by saying people have to be on one side of the line in the sand. Just chill out and let people answer your thread without making everyone into a friend or an enemy based on your perceptions :smile:


ill try, but i want more monster opinions though, hunters have like x amount of topics how nerf a monster everyday, its rare to see a monster topic these days to monster players


Monsters are garbage. There’s a reason nobody wants to play them.


yeah, that would explain why i hear crickets more than other monster players here lol