A Question to Devs


I’m a business/accounting major in college right now, and while I love business I also really love the idea of designing and creating games for the world to enjoy and while I have no real qualifications I don’t think I’ll rule it out for later in life aspirations. What brought you (the Dev) to pursuing your career, what steps did you take, what’s your most rewarding experience out of your work and finally, left twix or right twix? Lol I look forward to hearing from y’all :smile:


Not a dev, but I like Left Twix.


Not a dev, but 10 out of 10 developers will tell you the way to start is to make your own game: http://unity3d.com/


i have Unity on my computer, never use it though…


loves the idea of creating games
doesn’t rule out options to do so
no experience

guy I’m not trying to throw you down but I’m gonna venture a guess that game design is a difficult thing and if that’s your career path, better consider going back to school after graduating.


This is pretty awesome thanks for sharing!


You’re welcome. :blush:


Like I said I’m sticking to my business accounting path :slight_smile: but keeping it open as a later aspiration!


yeah unity is really great if you are starting out. Back in the days they had really poor 2D art support but they got that covered now to those who are not into 3D modelling and all that follows.

It has got my recommendation anyway.