A Question, if you will


Today my American Justice teacher read us a little thing and then asked us a question about it. The whole class had varying oppinions about it, and it led into an enlightening conversation between me and all my classmates that revealed some stuff about our personalities. As this ordeal was going on, I thought it may be interesting to do the same thing on the forums. Please note that I don’t have the actual story, so I’m going off of memory. Anyways, here we go.

A woman named Anne was taking her twin daughters to school. Anne had two daughter and a husband named Frank whom she loved very much. However, lately Frank had been rather… Unsatisfying. It had been five years since they married and the spark was fading. To satisfy her urges, she would take the train after she dropped her daughters off to the next town over where a string of lovers awaited her. That day, she road the train to her newest lover, John’s house.

Her and John got into a huge fight, and he kicked her out. As she went back to the train yard, she was dismayed to learn that she had left her wallet at John’s house. She went back, attempting to convince him to give it back, but no dice. He slammed the door on her. She knew that she had to get home before Frank did, and she had to do it fast.

She walked two blocks down to another one of her lovers, David, and the only one within walking distance of John’s place. She came to the door and pleaded with David to spare some cash, saying she’d make it worth his while. But David was with his wife that day, and he acted like he didn’t know her. He said she was crazy, and slammed the door in her face.

Anne knew of one more way home, but it wasn’t the preferred one. If she cut through the bad part of town, she could hit the freeway and get a lift back. She didn’t want to, because it was in a very bad part of town, but she had no choice. She went down the road, hoping to make it back home. But she never did. Because Gerome, a strange man who Anne had never met, had killed her with a knife in an alleyway, stealing her jewelry and using it to pay for his heroine addiction. Thus ends the story of Anne."

My question for you all is: Who do you feel is more at blame for Anne’s death? Explain your reason why.

Is it Anne for cheating on her husband? Is it Frank for not satisfying her needs? Is it John for taking her wallet? Is it David for turning her away in her time of need. Or is it Gerome for cutting her life short? Feel free to converse about amongst eachother about why you think what you do.

And no: There is NOT a right answer.

Ready, set, go!


legally, I would think that gerome would be the guilty one since he was the only one to do something actually illegal. but i’m no lawyer, so idk.


It’s Anne’s fault because she knew that it was the bad part of town but decided to go against the reasoning behind it and got herself killed. She also got herself in that situation to begin with by cheating on her husband. Basically she got what was coming to her.


Anne, John, and David to an extent. Anne should never have cheated. John was a dick. David should’ve helped a friend in need, no matter what.

But the blame, the huge majority of the blame is on Gerome’s shoulders. Because he is the on that killed her. So all of these people were at fault, but ultimately the one who should be punished is Gerome.

@thebagelwar Not sure I agree with that. She did an AWFUL thing, yes, but that doesn’t warrant death. Believe me- some things do warrant death. Painful, agonizing death. But this isn’t one of them.


If it’s Ann, if it’s Frank, then there’s nothing stopping you to say it could be David’s fault or John’s fault, or the fault of the system for not taking care of Gerome, or his parents for letting him stray, or the drug dealers that made him addicted. Where would it stop though? The cause and effect blame? Her parents having sex? Because hey if she hadn’t been born…

The only one who had any control of that situation, and that act was Gerome. Everything else is just pieces falling into place for an event they couldn’t have foreseen.

I wonder how many people would blame Ann if she had just taken a trip and lost her wallet.


You would be surprised what people would blame you for.


I have a narcissistic mother and an anti social brother… Eh, I was about to continue on with that sentence with “so no, I wouldn’t.”
But truth is they still amaze me.


Ann, she brought it on herself, in my book, thats what she damn well deserved.


But did she deserve that much? Very few things do.


Funny story, there’s actually a second version to this where Anne does go out on a trip and loses her wallet, which I may or may not post tomorrow.


The day they banned the death sentence on my country, i facepalmed, i really really REALLY hate situations like that… woman, to not call her a bad word, was in, and in all honesty, nobody gets away with that, it was just a matter of time, before she went splat.


So you blame her, and not the man who killed her? Or the friends who turned her away, or the man who took her wallet?


Yes, first of all, those obviously weren’t her friends, and too bad her betrayal made her go into a bad alley just to get herself killed.


Was that brought up in class? And if so, was there any discernible difference?


Alright. Opinions differ I guess. :confused:


Might be a leap, but from what you’ve mention I’ll ask. Would you like death penalty for people who cheat on their husband or wife?


Heh, my science teacher did something like that during science class, she asked us questions about like, acidental pregnancies, or what if our wife/husband hit us.

@Yibba never said that, those people always get what they deserve, but to the really, really, bad people, death is the only thing that should come to them, and in a haste.


Punch that clown right the hell back. Ooh, or jab for the throat. Or hit the solar plexus, or break a limb… :stuck_out_tongue: My answer anyway.

So you think Anne is one of these really, really bad people?


Not really actually. Most people still had the same views, except more people said Frank instead of Anne. In this rendition, Frank is drunken and abusive and is out cheating. He steals money from them, so Anne has to go out and get another job in that town, so she takes the train. That’s where she loses her wallet. She then becomes a beggar and asks David and John for money, which they both reply no. She then gets desperate and walks into the alleyway, where Gerome is.


All of them are at fault. Anne started the cascade of events that caused her death. But she is not to blame for it all.

If she had not cheated, she would not have died.

If John had given her wallet back to her, she would not be dead.

If David had been honourable and helped her, since he was already cheating and lying; she would not have died.

And if Gerome hadn’t been a murdering addict, she would not be dead.

She cheated and lied, and in an attempt to keep lying; got herself killed.

But in the end, Gerome is most to blame. He was the one who killed the woman, even if they had allowed such a thing to come to pass.