A question for Goliath's! How do you keep track of where hunters are on the map?


So I have certain ways of playing on each map, I play differently if I am Playing against maggie and daisy. For example with daisy I go toward the more enclosed area of the map, meaning I take a path usually with a mountain ( can be any cover ) on one side and edge of the map on the other, I leave foot prints and climb to jump further but also sneak, as daisy can slow hunters down especially if you leave a clear trail of footprints, using this idea I generally have a fair idea of the direction they will come from, problem is if I eat and set birds off it allows hunters to take a more direct route.

I get to a point I stand on top of something and and sniff and look around, I hear the jets but cant see them, so what direction to go without dropping straight into a trap when my armor is down say after evolving?

How do you gauge more accurately what direction they in? Any way share your tactics and how you keep ahead of the hunters long enough to evolve?

When commenting below Please state what Rank you are in 2.0 if you have a Rank, Thanks

Bronze Destroyer


Usually I try not to be too concerned about it, since when they’re far away then I’m at least guaranteed to have full armor when they reach me if I didn’t have it already.

If you think the Hunters are closing in on you, you’ll usually smell the Assault or Medic first approaching you from a side or behind. Don’t immediately run. If the Trapper isn’t with them then you can bet your ass you’ll encounter him/her if you keep going in the same direction, so your best bet for avoiding a dome at that point would be to jump over Assault/Medic and head in the direction from which they came.

Oh. Silver Elite. Not the greatest Monster player but then again, I try to avoid Hunt 2.0 like the plague.


I put my ear to the ground.

Kiddin, If I don’t know where they are I usually slow down a little and try and listen out for them, I do that as well when I am huntin’


With a good team of hunters, they are always either behind you, or to your side (the direction you were just in, or the direction of the centre of the map). If you enter an area with one exit (and the entrance you took coming in), they will likely be split up and at both entry points.

You don’t need to usually keep track of them, because they will just be there. Like a bad itch, they won’t leave you be.


I tend to really notice how small maps are when playing against a good team, I get toward silver skilled and generally all the same rank but I get crucified, I tend to panic a bit and make stupid mistakes like leaving foot prints behind, I generally hate when I get caught at stage 1, stage 2 not so bad but even getting their on some maps is rediculous, they just have to see you enough to shoot you to stop you eating , quite irritating after a while.then frustration leads to the stupid mistakes :confused:

your silver elite monster? did you do that with Goliath alone?


Play Hunter. Get good at Hunter. Figure out the optimal routes, and plan on Hunters taking them. Then either you know where they’ll be or they’ll take a slower route and you’ll be good to go anyways.

Expect the worst, hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Gold Skilled monster.


Goliath is the only Monster I play, outside of the occasional Behemoth in Quick Play.
(Though like I said, I really haven’t touched ranked Hunt in a while now)

And I make plenty of noob mistakes though, don’t get me wrong. Good dodging on the Hunters’ end can completely shut down the greatest Goliath players, let alone someone like me. I constantly spam the melee button even during another ability, probably something I taught myself in previous patches to prevent some sort of bug.

But I think what it comes down to is just experience. Eventually it all just sorta blends together and you don’t really give the slightest fuck anymore about Hunters who domed you at stage 1 because you’ll always have full armor and you might even be able to force them to dome you in a bad spot.
I will always find some sorry state of my favorite Monster to complain about but even I gotta admit he’s really good at mitigating as long as you pick Leap Smash and Charge at stage 1.

I’ve watched a lot of good Goliath players, @deanimate in particular, for how they handle target prioritization in combat and chain abilities together, but getting the hang of keeping track of Hunter locations and where they roughly are in the map all comes automatically with experience. It’s just something you’ll slowly get better at.

The jetpack noise they make from a distance is stupidly unreliable.
The only consistent ways to see them coming are sniffing a lot (so make sure you’re sneaking or at least not traversing too fast when you think they’re close otherwise you’ll smell them too late and get ambushed anyway), listening for wildlife death roars and paying attention to possible gunfire noises from any directions.

It’s also possible (albeit less common) to have an area with not too much LoS obstruction where you can notice the tiny jumping Hunters in the distance before they spot you (3rd person makes this very easy after all).

TLDR it mostly comes down to sound. By the time you actually smell them they already know exactly where you are (or were) unless for some reason you were constantly sneaking which is really just a waste of time.


My problem with hunter is 1,all the running around bores me and 2, I dont have a team so destined to lose with randomers that dont communicate very well, Plus I would either play as assault or as support as I just prefer to deal the damage when I can, but in saying that I could be put with a decent team and completely screw the team over by being terrible, Took alot of practice to get better with Goliath,

What monsters have you used to get up to gold? I generally stick with just Goliath,


I have literally only played original Goliath in Hunt 2.0. Never even switched to Meteor.

I mean, you don’t even really have to win the hunter games. Just get used to chasing and cutting off monsters. If you know the smartest place for a hunter player to go, then as a monster, you can expect that play. If they do something different, or worse, then you’re in good shape anyways.

I’ll frequently also try to hug one side of the map and make a mad dash for the opposite. Take Wraith Trap for example; if you just keep running to adjacent sectors, the hunters will always be on you. Hug the wall, then go right through the middle of the map for maximum distance. The hunters will have to follow right behind you, since they can’t initially predict if you’ll head left, right, or straight back once you hit a wall. You can sort of corral them by being unpredictable.


I like that idea of running straight across the map, I tend to take a route most awkward for them around the outer edge and circle the map,My next match Im gonna get fucked, 3 silver skilled and 1 expert, lol should be fun


I believe in you!!


Psychic powers.

Nah, in all seriousness, I listen for audio cues, sniff a ton and see if wildlife is running away or towards something that isn’t me. Plus, the jetpacks are much more visible at a distance than the Hunters themselves.

Another really helpful trick is trying to predict where the Hunters will think you’re going. I’ve tricked a lot of Hunters by going straight over the cliff in Weather Control rather than immediately running into the caves, for example.

I’m not ranked, sadly. I haven’t really put a lot of time into Evolve lately.


yep got fucked, almost ready to evolve, domed twice, then my last ditch effort to run a stupid pair of fuckin momoth birds shock and kill me finishing me off, couldnt even make stage 2, the uav and tracking darts, didnt even need to worry about the foot prints mostly, 1 think i learn though is I can hide in bushes from uav, I know nothing about them and tracking dart and how long the tracking lasts


Frankly, I don’t really hide. I just run. Just be faster than them and you’re usually ok. Mitigate in S1 domes, book it after. Try to move fast at the start so you have enough armor and food to feel secure in a dome.

Tracking dart lasts 49.5 seconds with mastery, I think. You’re not gonna be able to hide.


just lost my next match, for some reason this always happens, I won 6 games before losing then lose 2 in a row, Fucking sick of seeing Laz players, Clearly hes and easy win hunter, Ya dont kill him first well your screwed, try killing support medic replenishes him and try kill medic support armors him, Where is the wiggle room in that scenario whilst your ass is being takin down by the other 2? Its that comb that kills me, having to stop a combo to throw something at support to continue, by then you have to regain contact and then support also does the same,


What stage were you when you died?


got to stage 3 in this match but by then health was already in a bad way, tried evolving 3 times before it worked which cost more time and aloud them to catch up and give more damage, but got stage 2 without a hitch


Laz comps are generally flee til 3 comps. Just go in hard on the trapper as quick as you can and try to get out of the dome. But 3 with good health, fight back.


just had another game, 1 guy lost connection so it said, it was that bad i through a rock and the thing rolled around a bit bouncing and did nothing,If I had no laggy shit in that match it was mine, It cost me so much time over all its ridiculous, it takes ages sometimes for him to do simple tasks like eat, he will grab at it and then you have to press the button again to get him to take another shot at eating,Lost that match with only kala left, medic was emet which is also rediculous, he had about 5-6 of them beacons down, so not only do ya have to watch for 4 hunters and the dog you need to destroy those aswell,

I dont mind losing as that doesnt really count for a whole lot, but it becomes irritating when ya get this lag, that feeding lag needs to be fixed, I saw guys online playing having the same issue but not the reason for their video’s, they just take as normal it seems.

I like that the game is tough and competitive but the monster has to counter alot given there are so many different hunters, DLC and game hunters, whereas hunters just need to work as a team and counter for the most part 2 monsters primarily Goliath and the Kraken along with the odd wraith as far as i can tell.

so kudos to anyone playing as silver monster or even gold :slightly_smiling:


lol just played as hunter, trapper, team where 70m away when I trapped the monster but got killed twice by wild life lol