A question for all our MonStars about Trappers


Whats your paper rock scissors for trappers? I have a hard time deciding when I have the advantage versus specific trappers. Apart from the obvious like having a hard time versus Maggie as Wraith or easy mode Kracken vs. Griffen.


None, only major weakness I have is Sunny and her Jetpack Booster


Then you are awesome incarnate…


Eh, each monster just has one way or another of halting a trapper


Which is fine. I just feel as goliath that abe can be absurd and as behemoth griffen can be oppressive. Just not sure how to manage them when i start to focus someone specific


Abe vs a Goliath is pathetic, Traversals, Leap Smash, and Charge will all move you out of his pokeball range, making it insanely easy to just ignore him.
When fighting Griffin as Bob Rock Wall is your best friend, right next to straightaways and Pillars.


Bob despises stasis in otherwords crow and abe might ruin your day if you play Bob.

Wraith also despises Abe because his Stasis Nades deny her regardless of wheter or not she is in a Decoy or not.

Also melee is slowed when you are stasised meaning that Wraiths spamming with Supernova/Normal Melees gets reduced significantly.

Griffin vs Goliath

Abe vs Kraken


And here I thought you loved Sunny. :wink:


Sadly I have to agree with him there. The only time I’ve ever had issues with a Trapper was when Sunny used her JPB effectively. There is no escape from that. Period.