A question about the beta unlocks


I never made a 2k account during the beta, now that the mobile app is out I have made one, but it got me worried that my beta unlocks might not transfer to the full game because i never made one at the time.
Am I out of luck or am I in the clear?(I played on xbox one)


I think if you preordered on xbox you get tier 3 hunters instantly unlocked other than that nothing else carries over… I think. someone correct me if im wrong.


Out of luck, sorry. DamJess confirmed in a similar thread that you needed to sign in with My2K to have progress carry over. If you pre-purchased on the Xbox Live Store, you’ll have T3 unlocked instantly, but you’ll have to unlock T2.


Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be hard for me to re-earn the tier 2 characters again. As long as there isn’t any beta exclusive stuff I will miss.


Don’t worry. There was absolutely no Beta Exclusive or platform exclusive stuff.