A Question About Monster Damage Reduction


Does DR from perks work on health only or armor as well?


It should be a damage reduction overall.


Hmm, ok. The reason I ask is because in legacy evolve I’m pretty sure I remember it being health only and I assumed it hadn’t changed but I went into a match and I saw my damage against a monster was less than before, and I’m pretty sure he still had his armor.


I believe it always applied to both health and armor, and was easily tested by using damage amplifiers like Val’s Sniper Rifle, Cabot’s Damage Amplifier and Lennox’ Plasma Lance.

The small tooltip under the Monster’s healthbar would say “2.0X DAMAGE” for example if you shot its body while Cabot’s Damage Amplifier was active. If the Monster had Damage Reduction active, it’d say “1.8X DAMAGE”.


It has always applied to both health, and armor.

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