A question about long forgotten Chappie Challenge


So, you guys remember that? I felt nostalgic reading [Good old memories on the Forum] (Good old memories on the Forum) thread, it just came to my mind. Was Chappie played by a human or was it AI? I think I remember @MacMan saying something that there was some “hard AI” encoded but it was too good. Or maybe was it like just a joke? Or I just dreamed it? Maybe it was already answered, but I couldn’t find it? Some help would be appreciated.


It was a secret, only a privileged few know the true identity of the madman/madwoman (who knows?(not me, that’s for sure)) who may or may not have thrown down for the chappie challenge.

it was probably AI after all…


I rewatch the fight itself. And I’m 100% sure it’s not A.I
Last round was awesome, one of the best fights in Evolve EVER… Also, that casting…

But I’m almost sure that there was some mentioning about harder AI somewhere sometime…


its a human…[quote=“Hillbilly_Deathlord, post:2, topic:84160”]
only a privileged few know the true identity of the madman/madwoman
the youtube comments spoil it lol


I’m out here trying to sow a seed of mystery and wonder and a bunch of fun murderers always have to take me down a peg.

Although if the comments section is right then I was mistaken as to who I thought was playing as the monster.


Look at @DB_Sinclair lookin pimp in that suit. :sunglasses:


Chappie challenge…
What was the last community challenge?
I didn’t miss one did I 0-0


no no no, in March they had a competition called the Chappie Challenge…


I see.


I rarely read the Youtube comment section. But if that was Shak, he played so well, I wonder what’s going on with that cheese eating hairy puffball. @DB_Sinclair Say hello to him :] You guys should do that cheese eating stream with Evolve that you were taunting so long ago…


I actually do miss the beard/shorts n sandals combo crew. I wonder what they are doin these days.


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