A question about evolving


does the monster takes triple damage while evolving? if so can you headshot him for 6x damage?


It’s double not triple AFAIK.So a headshot is x4


I don’t think so, where did you here that?


The damage increase on an evolving monster used to be 25%. I faintly remember the number being adjusted, but it’s definitely not 3x.


You can’t headshot an evolving monster and damage bonuses are additive so if you could, it would be 3x not 4x.


Well i took a couple of shots with jacks pistols and it did 84 damage.So i thought normal damage reduced by DR perks = around 20,multiplied by 4


Well its false. They buffed jack’s pistol damage recently. I think he did like 30-36 before so if he does around 40 now it could be doubled to about 80.

But yah, damage bonuses and damage reductions are additive and you can’t headshot an evolving monster. So an evolving monster with damage reduction perks would take 36% reduced damage and 100% increased damage which would mean he would take 164% of his normal damage taken.


jack damage from his pistols are 30 per shot.

if the monster didint have DR then 84 damage would be an increase of 180% which is 84.

so basically the monster takes 2.8x damage while evolving, thats huge, implying that he dosent have DR, if he has DR and thats the damage, its even more.

so… 3x damage.


Ah, my bad. I looked back and checked. I was pretty sure they buffed his pistol shot damage from 30, not to 30.

Well that it doesn’t work like that. I believe the increase is 100%, but at the very least it definitely isn’t 180%.


wait what!? so the monster takes more damage while evolving…so not only do the hunters always know exactly where I am while evolving, I take more damage too…someone save me


i dont know if this was the way it worked on legacy

however, the monster used to lose all his armor on legacy while evolving,now he gets half armor when evolving.

i guess to compensate for that fact, they made the monster take ridiculous increased damage while evolving for having half armor and a significant health increase.

however this gets more scary the more you think about it…

what if theres a torvald and kala that find you while ur evolving, realisticly saying lets say theres 3 seconds left before u finish evolving.

thats enough time for kala to drain the monsters armor, and torvald shot a barrage of mortars on you, dealing massive damage, thats pretty much the old “hold the dome” strat,except your in deep trouble if your caught like this cause your gonna take so much more fucking damage,also your gonna get domed right after.

that combo is hell with cabot as well, for the sake of calculations lets say you do get 3x more damage while evolving, cabot comes and amp damage taken to you by 1,8x. thats 5.4x times damage taken while evolving.

so you better sniff and get ready to cancel your evolve animation if the hunters are close cause you dont wanna get caught with ur pants down.


That’s not how it works. % damage increases are additive. You would take 3.8 times as much damage if the damage while evolving is a 3x multiplier.