A Question about Carrion Birds


I understand that the Birds build up over time as you eat more and more animals. I also see other predators killing and eating animals and was wondering why they also don’t attract birds?

They don’t kill nearly enough to attract the birds as often as the Monster does. However it would still be nice to have something that would cause the Hunter’s to double guess themselves.


Carrion birds happen due to eating. The Monster leaves a carcass. Reavers & Tyrants etc… eat the whole thing. Maybe they like bones?


In my experience Tyrants definitely don’t eat the wildlife whole. I will often hop across bodies right next to them, or even see them kill some myself. I then take advantage of their kills and eat the left overs.

The reason Carrion birds don’t flock to these creatures could be for a couple reasons… One, from a purely gameplay point of view this would ruin their point, and confuse hunters when they really need the clues. The Second is that perhaps the birds know not to go near a Tyrants kill, as they’ve been co-inhabiting the planet for their entire development, while the monster is something that was only recently introduced into the ecosystem and so they don’t know what it is or how to react to it leaving meat splatter all over the place.


Tyrants kill their prey for fun, the small predators however, and dune beetles eat everything they kill, the fact they don’t call carrion birds is most likely because they are small, and im preety sure the carrions aren’t crazy enough to try and eat from a DUNE BEETLE kill.


Dune Beetles and Reavers feast. I’ve seen it.