A question about 2K


How do I check what the email to my 2K account is? cause I have no clue what email I used to sign up for my 2K account.


Go to 'My 2k Account in settings and see what your 2k account is.


I did, only said “unlink” I believe so I was like wot unless i missed something


Hmm that’s strange.

Perhaps you can email 2k, tell them your GT or name and they’ll email you back telling you your email.



Have you tried signing in online?


If you click on the link skills4u2envy send before, there is an option to re-send confirmation email or change password, this way you’ll know as well what the email is.


@flamand_quebec13 @skills4u2envy

my problem is I have over a dozen emails including gmails were I add the + sign, so therefore I have no way of knowing what email is attached to what account, therefore I wanna kno if there is a way to pin point.


ill check if perhaps the Hunters Quest app shows, not sure though

But yeah, no way to accurately pin-point it in the game itself.


When you get this screen

Have you tried logging in with FB, Twitter or Google?


Do you save passwords and usernames in your web browser? Then you can go under Settings to view them all


Wasnt able to check in Hunters Quest as it claims my password is invalid, although It is (I get that from time to time).

I would go with what skills4u2envy said, and otherwise contact 2K.


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