A Problem With One of Caira's Lines


As someone who still considers herself a biologist, she should refer to the operations being performed on the wraith as a vivisection, not as a dissection. Please fix before I die.


Don’t forget to teach her about tires.


Are you referring to the lines on Wraith trap? Cause the wraith they have is still alive…

Edit: I misread. Yeah, she should say vivisection then.


Wraith is still alive so vivisection is correct.


Good call!


I’ll admit that I’m not a biologist, and while it meets the exact definition a couple of sources note the phrase is usually used by people who are against it. Not all the definitions of dissection mention it having to be dead either.

Dissection the word is just ‘sectioning’ something. In biology is would clearly be ‘sectioning’ a thing, which is probably most often done to dead animals since it would be the human thing to do.

TLDR: Seems like the definition can be hazy based on perspective, also its probably a couple centuries ahead, who knows whats common biology practice then eh?


Also, in one of Bucket’s dialogues he uses the term vivisection to discribe it. I don’t see why Caira wouldn’t


Didn’t know that! Makes me love bucket even more.


Gotta love Bucket! Almost finished the mastery in him! :smiley:


@Matthew he’s right on this one. Can yall fix it?


I’ve read Caira’s paper on the Wraith and in that she refers to the process EbonStar put their captive Wraith thought as “vivisection.”

Probably outside of academic papers, she doesn’t feel compelled to be overly jargony.


Can we read her paper on the wraith? Please!


Sounds good, thanks for stopping by.


I got a vibe that Caira is a little too full of herself, looks down on the other hunters a bit and feels the need to dumb things down.

Her exchange with Parnell over ‘hypothesis’ for example.


caira is just the best she can do whatever she wants well she gets picked at by hyde and abe so shes also allowed :smiley:


Caira is not someone who really values “being smart.” Because she’s always been smart. She is miles ahead of the rest of the team, in terms of sheer brainpower, but that’s not something she thinks is important. She doesn’t judge the other heroes based on their intelligence.

She is aware, though, most of these guys never went to college, don’t know the difference between DNA and RNA. So she sometimes explains things they already know, because she doesn’t assume they know what she knows.


I’d love to hear more of the backstory of Caira’s research into the Monsters. Maybe a canon novel?


This is again about me not meltin’ faces, roight? Knew it! Someone need to keep that girl in check!


Sorry, it’s behind a Celestial paywall.


Funny! XD and she is humorous