A problem I feel is important about Kraken


I am slightly concerned about Kracken’s amount of health, he only has 1 less actual health bar then Goliath at Stage 3 (Kracken has 10) and has only a bit smaller armor pool. I find this a bit strange considering the natural advantages Kracken has over Goli due to his hovering, Krack is slightly larger and has a huge head but can more easily traverse the area and is much harder to hit. In addition Krack’s flight renders a lot of Hunter’s abilities null, or reduces their effectiveness. Markov’s mines and lighting gun often fail to be a threat to Kracken, Hyde’s flamethrower is significantly harder to get in range with and his toxic grenades rarely work and Parnell in general suffers from less damage because of the unlikelihood of hitting with all the pellets of his shotgun. Maggie’s traps can only hit Krack if she has elevated ground to place them on, Abe’s stasis grenades also can be hard to effect Krack with. Due to the innate advantage of his hover and the nullification of some Hunter’s abilities I feel Kracken’s health or armor pool should be lowered slightly. I love Evolve and I hope for healthy game balance and that’s why I posted this, if there is something I’m missing feel free to inform me! :smiley:


you have to keep in mind his Armour is lower aswell and the fact he has the largest head of the three monsters which takes up quite a proportion of his body means 2x critical damage against him. also his flight is everything, without he is in trouble as his abilities usually take time to charge up before he can use it so if he is grounded he’s a sitting target while charging up these abilities

  • Kraken’s Traversal might be better in combat, but it’s almost impossible to escape form a dome. Goliath’s leaps and charge ability allow him to do this with ease.

  • With the exception of Vortex, all of Kraken’s abilities need to charge up and can be easily dodged via jetpack kiting.

  • Banshee mines can be easily destroyed by weapons.

  • Because Lightning Gun both utilizes headshot damage and can chain the banshee mines to the Kraken, he’s actually an excellent choice. The mines come in to play more than you think, it’s very easy to ground a kraken with tranqs or statis grenades.

  • With at least two masteries in harpoon trapps Maggie’s harpoons can reach a Kraken in mid air.

  • Abe’s stasis grenades stick to walls, so it’s insanely easy to use them on Kraken.

In short, Kraken is by far the easiest monster to counter in my experience, between a monster with instantaneous abilities and one that can teleport across the map in 5 seconds. He might be the most damaging, but anyone with a good knowledge of jetpack dodging and ability timing should find him very easy to use. After all, only 20% of monster players use Kraken, as compared to high 40s for Goliath and Kraken.


Well said. For all his strengths there are some glaring weaknesses.

All 3 require a different technique to hunting, but I feel both hunters and monster need to pick where a fight is initiated as well as they can when a Kraken is involved.


Kraken is already the least played monster, please don’t give people LESS reason to play it.

Plus… All the reasons listed above ^.^