A pro team of hunters will always beat the BEST monster players


I don’t know what’s been up lately , I’ve been getting slammed by hunters all night. It’s so frustrating. It seems like every monster besides kraken gets stomped on if there is a t4 in the lobby. Evolve is one of my favorite games and I was having amazing fun up until the new hunters came out. I’m not going to lie I’m a pretty good monster player and win 80% of my matches. That isn’t the case anymore however…
I just want to know what you guys think. Do you think this game is too geared towards the hunters lately? With sunny or torvald on a team you’re most likely in for a steaming hot plate of goliath or wraith. Not to mention daisy is still a pos with her zeroing in, legit nothing can counter daisy. I hope some balances come to this game soon. Give the monsters some other kind of abilites. It’s 4v1 and against a team of pro hunters, a pro monster would be taken down. It just seems like no matter how good the monster player is, the a good hunter team will always win due to it being 4v1. What do you guys think?


I agree to what u said, because my team of 4 hunters are undefeated for all monsters except kraken.


Hmm… Ok then.


Tournaments beg to differ…



I noticed Sunny players got overall way better with her the past week. With a good Sunny it’s pure hell as Monster. Every Monstermatch I lost the past weeks was only due to a crazy good Sunny literally carrying the team. No problem against any other Hunter lineup. The new Huntermeta is pretty much ‘pick Sunny into anything to win’. A good one just provides so little to none counterplay…


With Sunny, you’re almost always handed a kill.


I think Sunny’s Shield Drone is overpowered in the context of her also having the Jetpack Booster, but the other T4s don’t seem overpowered - at least not after patch.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind Daisy being less dominant for sneaking to be more popular, but I’m not sure how she could be changed without making Maggie useless.

That said, I think the game is still slanted significantly in the Monster’s favor due to their ability to control the flow of the game with their mobility and evasion in domes - with the possible exception of Behemoth.

The game being 4v1 does not inherently mean an advantage for the four.

@Rhuclaw makes a good point - your statements seem somewhat contradictory.


Yeah, and you only need one Monsterkill to win.

Though I sure hope you didn’t mean a kill on a Hunter, because… no. She doesn’t lack anything another Support could provide in protecting themselves better than she does short of a situational OS.


When she boosts someone 100 meters ahead, turn around and kill them. Pug Sunny’s especially, are handing you kills…





Most Sunny players aren’t good right now. Shouldn’t be a problem countering them atm.


Players that are not good are not a problem… I don’t even… :neutral_face:


I’ve yet to see any Sunny player who thinks about it much. ^.^
Shouldn’t be too painful for you. ^.-


I don’t even know why I bother, feels like being deep inside a troll cave.

Let’s see, the topic:

A pro team of hunters will always beat the BEST monster players

First indication this is not about noobcake scrubs you wipe the floor with in 2 minutes.

Second indication the thread is not about noobcake scrubs you can wipe the floor with in 2 minutes. Even a good team would’ve met at least a few good Monsterplayers along the line you’d guess.

Yeah, I quoted myself here, since you obviously didn’t read about the part where I wrote ‘a good Sunny’ which should be a third indicator about this not being a rant about noobcake scrubs you can wipe the floor with in 2 minutes.

Just to be sure.

The only painful thing here is your completely out of context statement ‘not a problem, I still own scrubs’.

Jet Pack Boost - Outside of combat

I main hunters, I don’t " ‘own scrubs’ "… Sunny can be countered, her shield drone can be countered… My friends that main monster, say tier 4 is easier than the other tiers most of the time. A decent Hank, can be much better than a decent Sunny. Sunny is just letting the trapper dome you early, and you lose your fucking mind, go nuts, lose the game; then claim she’s OP. That isn’t the case… You can counter this quick trapper, since they are typically so fast with a Sunny.

Her shield drone is a joke, when against a decent monster. Jetpack booster; honestly… You’re losing to a Sunny player, and then claim she’s OP,
because she gives people some jetpack fuel? If that’s the problem, it isn’t the only one you have.

I gave you tips on countering us, use them… Damn, you seem to be the head troll in that troll cave.


Tell us how you really feel, Shin! :wink:


Annoyed that these players spout OP all day, when they have no idea what they’re talking about. -.-


Honestly I think Sunny’s OP… against Behemoth ! :stuck_out_tongue: (but then who isnt… )
The jetpack booster is a real pain in the a** for Behemoth but against other monsters she’s pretty balanced, especially after the patch. You have enough mobility to counter the jetpack boosts and the shield drone can be “exploited” like for example leap smash (yes I love leap smash) the hunter you want to down then shield activates, just turn around slap that assault who’s in your way then go back to the other one…
T4 aren’t OP against Goliath, Kraken or Wraith (well maybe Torvald’s mortar but haven’t tried since the patch…) although they have a way to make playing monster less fun (spore cloud annoying as f*** ! statis gun just… ugh, etc…) but it’s overall pretty balanced. Except vs Behemoth… where it seems all T4 have been designed to play against :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic : no, not always. I don’t know about the numbers (meaning the odds) but Monster always has a chance even against the best hunter teams… So much can go right or wrong in an Evolve match and that’s what makes this game a hit :slight_smile:


Never commented on this, but yes, every T4 Hunter except Sunny lacks behind T1-T3 in effectiveness.

Hank shields damage, Sunny prevents the damage Hank would shield while having a supplementary priority target that also shields for the Monster to take down. Breaking line of sight to the drone is no viable counterplay against a team with good positioning. Even than the Monster has Sunny and the drone to break line of sight to counter her. OS is very situational to pick Hank over Sunny.

Your team obviously plays her wrong if thats all she can provide your team with. As does your Trapper if he can only get domes off by using up Sunny’s full booster capacity.

Hardly. But enlighten me what makes it so obviously bad and easy to counter. And don’t give me the breaking line of sight or simply destroying it advice. We are talking about good teams here, with proper positioning, that includes proper setup of the drone apart from the team.

I’m not losing to the 99% average Sunny players, if I’m losing I’m losing against a good team with a good Sunny player.

Again, you gotta play it right. If your team can’t she’s just not for you I guess. There are players out there that can play her properly and do so more effectively than you could with any other support. Shouldn’t judge a character on how well (or not) you do with her, especially if it doesn’t work out due to her apparent ‘lackluster’ skillset.

It actually is the only one I have, but thanks for trying to keep it civil.

Yeah you’re right. Should’ve deduced it right away you were talking about your own playstyle there. Though as stated, I got no problems with scrub Sunnys. Thanks for the advice anyways.

There’s a difference you know? About spouting OP, simply ranting about it or speaking up in a proper manner pointing out issues we have experienced ourselves while playing against good teams occasionally.

I’m pretty sure I do know what I’m talking about. But as you pointed out yourself you apparently don’t if your team can’t handle Sunny /doesn’t play her and the only ones you have experienced are noobcake pug Sunnys. You might as well politely walk away since you got nothing to contribute about skilled Sunny gameplay anyways or just keep quiet and read while people who actually experienced it have a discussion.


Sunny “lacks behind” Hank in reality. His shields/damage output are much more efficient. He also has area denial, and can benefit from weak spots.

Hank shields major damage, while Sunny’s shield drone doesn’t. Hank can stop a rock throw vs a good monster, Sunny can’t.

Not really, Hank is much more consistent in battle than Sunny…

This is the average monster, vs a sunny/trapper stage 1 dome combo… You complain she’s OP, because you get caught.
And who said this is all she provides? This is simply the thing none of you can counter as it seems.

Refer to my earlier quotes about the shield drone, not repeating myself. If you’re being countered by the shield drone, there’s an issue.

Then why are you pissed off? If it’s a good loss, have some dignity in your losses… Honestly… “I win 99% of my games, and the 1% I lose, the hunters are OP. They need nerfed, I should be able to win 100% of my games”. Good luck with that…

Her booster is amazing in a fight, doesn’t mean it’s OP.

Then deal with it, and counter it. And I meant there is some bad gameplay on your part, if that’s your problem. Meaning, you have more than 1. You need to learn to fight better Sunny players.

You realize I’ve played 7 games against Sunny today with Wraith, and killed them all. It’s still the morning… Just because I speak of bad Sunny players, doesn’t mean I’m talking about me. But then again, you only assume I’m bad, to make yourself feel better about losing.

All I hear, is Crow’s OP, Torvalds OP, hell; we hear Val/Laz is OP… If we nerfed every character because someone claims “This hunters ability is too OP, it needs nerfed now.” we wouldn’t have a game at all.

Oh, insults hurt. ^.-
Keep it up, makes me want to help you even more.
Hank is more OP (not OP at all) than Sunny is, but you choose to complain about the new one. ^.-
Coincidence that every time something new comes out, people complain about it? Nah…