A possible fix for the monsters Sloth buff (35% total dmg increase)


Ive made a similar topic to this problem a few day’s back. And I think there is a way to fix this OP buff for the monster.
(Wildlife buffs (Sloth) are too strong and need a nerf)

If I remember correctly (could be mistaken), in the Alpha the Sloth only gave 35% extra melee damage (also ranged for kraken) but did nothing with the power/strength of each ability of the monster. We had a few matches post-patch and the amount of players who only put 3 points in a skill to use it and sprint for the Sloth buff is far too high. All the heavy hitting AoE skills + 35% damage increase are just killing for a lot of teams. There is some chaos in playing hunter and there isn’t much you can do about it. I notice that my team and I are calling out each other a lot for players who melee hit you once, warp blast in your face and you are down already. Same goes for Goliath Rock Throw and the Kraken’s Lightning strike. And really… there isn’t much we can do about it.

Next to that, the monster can eat the wildlife body and deny it for the hunters. We normally do include buff hunting in our matches, but when monsters reach the buff when we are still in the dropship and hunt us directly after that… I mean… this feels like abuse and there isn’t anything we can do about it. Because those players will run if you do manage to fight back and come back at stage 2 with another attack at 3 points; GG. Against good monsters you cannot engage, you will die. A tactic we try is to avoid the monster, pretty much give him a free stage to avoid being wrecked. But most choose to simply hunt the hunters and kill them anyway. This last bit is why it so obvious that it is too strong.

Reducing the sloth buff to melee only will keep the balance right again. 35% total damage increase for a monster is simply too punishing. All the other buffs are fine and add a lot of depth into matches.


Generally the big buffs in the game lack counterplay. By “big buffs” I mean Damage reduction/increase and cooldown reduction. In my opinion those buffs either need to be toned down to the level of the perks, or made SIGNIFICANTLY more rare. Or make them far more of a tactical tool rather than just a flat out damage modifier. An example would be the sloth buff increasing damage output, but also damage taken by x%, so it’s more of a tactical tradeoff rather than “Oh he has damage buff, we can’t fight him.”

I’ve honestly no idea what should be done to the Tyrant buff, in my honest opinion it really should be removed from the game, letting the monster regenerate health outside of evolving is not balanced in any way. An interesting replacement for the Tyrant buff would be that the monster can drink water from rivers and pools to regenerate armor rapidly.


Tyrant buff is fine and forces the hunters to stay on the monster while going for regen. We try to kill it pre-stage 2 so when he gets it it doesn’t do as much. I do like a possible tradeoff with every buff. Get something, lose something. Always adding more than you lose, but a trade off nonetheless. When you engage the monster it doesn’t really do anything and you can down it just as easy. I do hate those who get the buff stage 3 (when you did miss the buff) and they wait and flee for 5 full minutes to regain as much health as possible.

Tyrant buff could also be changed into a buff that allows you to regain health while eating other animals. This makes hunting wildlife more important to deny access to extra health when the monster has the buff. Not by a lot though every 10 bars of food give 1 bar of health. Ups your armor and your health a little, while being at risk of getting caught.

My problem lies simply with, as you state it a ‘flat out damage modifier’; Sloth buff. Wait for Parnell to use his Super Soldier and hit him with your heaviest attack, one player down. This is why changing the skill into something more manageable like melee attacks. A skill that varies from monster to monster, but still does enough to make it dangerous.


At Stage One, no matter which Monster, abilities, or buff, any team of Hunters can kill the Monster- easily - unless they’re very, very bad.


maybe scalig the buff strenge so the longer the elite lifes the better the buff


It’s OP for both sides.


dmg increase isnt as broken as cooldown reduction

especially a banshe/vortex kraken



I don’t consider it’s OP at all, buffs are highly situational and earned, and of course getting one of these “big ones” implies taking a risk. Let alone you need to be able to properly identify it, which in the case of the monster is not a given, especially in the middle of the hectic chase most games become.
I know this is a veiled “nerf the monster” thread but objectively it wouldn’t be a good thing for the game.


I feel like they should behave more randomly like the mammoth bird buff. It’s one of the most fun part of the game find the buff.


Level 3 Rock Throw/Lightning Strike + Full Mastery + Sloth Buff says “Hi.” You get 1 - 2 shotted. How is that fair?


Then please explain how it is fair that a stage 1 monster is capable to memorize every Sloth location and get it even before the hunters hit the ground. Especially against a Laz + Bucket team loadout a stage 1 monster with 3 points in a power skill and the sloth buff can down your team if he is good enough. I’ve played Laz a few times where the Stage 1 monster just went full nuke on me (laz) and managed to corner me, down me, down two other teammates and sneak pounce the last one. It’s a combo that kills you too fast, it isn’t like you can counter it very well. No healer can outheal 80% health drop spikes. Even with Caira, standing next to your teammember, healing with healing burst right after the first hit, a second hit is a down. Where without the Sloth buff it takes at least 3 full hits.

The buff is plain damage, it doesn’t add any aspect of extra strategy to the game. For the monster it is too strong simply because there is just one monster with 4 skills that can be very punishing already and you just boosted it’s damage with 35%. You basically give a stage 3 monster ‘stage 4’ strength. A stage 1 monster stage 2, stage 2 stage 3. For a 5 minutes buff giving the monster a “free stage” isn’t really balanced is it? If you can rush a buff with 50% chance it will be there you can give yourself a very unfair advantage. And although I like the risks of buff hunting, the Sloth is just game breaking. With a little luck we can survive a good monster with a strike, but doing no damage and only going down in two hits, I mean you can only use your jetpack so much.



dont play fucking lazerus or bucket lol


You know yourself that that is not a way to deal with this problem. Laz and Bucket don’t stand a chance, the others maybe a bit more, but still not. You cannot say you shouldn’t play 2 out of the 12 characters because one wildlife buff is too strong in the hands of good monsters.


yeah sure the buff is broken

just like every other wildlife buff

nerf to the ground


That sums up your whole point, so I don’t think it merits a nerf. Let’s agree to disagree.


the elite buffs should spawn at 5 minutes and they should be in set locations

Opens up a lot of options

Do hunters try to take and defend the sloth buff? Does the monster choose to engage at the sloth or do they counter it by looking for the armadon instead? Maybe the hunters did some health damage early on and decide it’s worth it to deny the tyrant buff.

Maybe the monster decides not to go for any buff at all and just evolves to stage 3 while the hunters are defending a buff, or maybe the hunters choose to take a buff and keep hunting the monster instead of denying.

Much more interesting than rushing random locations and hoping for the best


This buff definitely needs work. It’s a guranteed win for a mediocre stage 2 monster.


They only have one ability.

You can dodge that one ability and they are sitting ducks until it cools down. Pretty simple IMO.

3 levels in one ability at stage 1 is a stupid decision IMO


It is good if you can land attacks, and lets you burst down people early game, good for escaping domes and getting quick strikes on people who are out of position. Powerful, inflexible

3 level one abilities gives you utility, but no matter how well you chain them you can’t kill anyone unless the medic is brain dead. Flexible, weak power

a level 1 and a level 2 is a mix of power and utility, you have more to work with, and can get decent power combo damage, but it doesn’t have as much power or flexibility as either of the other options. tactical balance

How you spec at stage one matters, and all options have their merits, just because you don’t take a risk with the all in strategy does not make it bad. I can’t stand having 3 weak powers at stage one, and fear no monster who takes that, that does not make it bad, just a different style.


The problem I have with these buffs are : When you know they are on the map, you have to almost ignore the monster and give him a free stage up, just to remove them from the game. If you let a decent stage2 monster get the dmg buff, hahahaahah : GG

My builds are rock throw shotgun for golly and warpblast/abduct for wraith. With this buff, I can EASELY kill everything that i wish. If i say : you there medic, you dead -> he dead.

The main problem I have tho, are that some matches are really really balanced, and then just because you forgot to check one of the sloths and the monster gets it. It shifts the balance SO MUCH to the other side, you can’t compete and can just say GG.