A positive thread


I love this game. Love it. Every time I play it, I find new things to love. Every class. Every character.




Sadly this will be buried beneath thousands of “This is OP” threads and “This is broken”


Fret not. We will be there to remorselessly remove redundant and negative threads.


Yeah right with you man! I love this game!


4 days now without playing Evolve because of a Game Jam… I don’t wanna sleep… I just want to play Evolve! <3


Be like me. Cast aside the shackles of sleep. Accept Coffee as your righteous lord and savior. Denounce bed, denounce the night, do not give in to carnal desire. Transcend this lowly state.


I have to agree with TC.

I play Solo a lot, as I hate getting stuck as the Monster and I feel online has a high learning curve, but I’ve still put a lot of time into this game.

Yes there are things that need fixed, but the game is still extremely enjoyable to me.

I don’t have a complaint about the DLC pricing either. Yes, it’s higher than the prices of other games, but I’m fine with shelling out the cash for this.

I do have a question though: do the older weapon skins work for the new Hunters? I’ve seen it asked among the forum, but I don’t believe I’ve seen a conclusive answer. If they don’t work with the new Hunters, does TRS plan to fix that or will future skins work with them?


I thought this thread was about this:


Well said, well said. I couldn’t agree more.