A plea for consistency (and balance. Poll Added)

So some of the recent changes, most notably and what I feel like discussing is the change to the supports orbital weapons and the effects of it going through ceilings.

Balance is definitely something I and I assume everyone else wants, but we all must realize that perfect balance is not possible and sometimes not necessarily optimal either. In a recent patch it was changed so that Hanks Orbital Barrage and some of the other supports orbital style weaponry could go through the ceiling of caves and other areas.

While this may well have cleared up some issues in balance it also make inconsistencies in the universe (rules) of the game. From a game play standpoint we know that we can not shoot through walls (Cabot not included) as the rules of the game predate that we cant. It has come to be understood as a rule of the Evolve games universe.

But now we have a few weapons on the supports that break these rules. This can lead to confusion amongst new players and even the occasional vet of the game. Confusion leads to frustration and that leads to one less player which is the opposite of what we want. If the rules of the game become to blurry no one will know what to expect and that can lead to uncertainties which is never good.

The confusion of such inconsistencies in logic can be seen by these poll results. For all intents and purposes we have upset 50% of the playerbase who have taken part in the poll. If this large group of people view it negatively imagine the effect that could be happening on the game. Several new users have come to forums already assuming it to be either a bug or a hacker, both of which can cause a drop of players and both should be avoided and fixed obviously. This goes to show how against logic the change is.

My point of this thread is state balance is of the utmost importance but sometimes a change just for the sake of balance can be a bad thing if it doesn’t coincide with the known rules of the game we are playing as it causes confusion. It is on occasion best left alone and perhaps another avenue should be considered.

Balance does not always equal fun.

So my question to anyone reading this is this: Do you think balance should be strived for even at the cost of consistent gameplay and perhaps logic or should we just sometimes realize that perfect balance is a pipe dream as so clearly demonstrated with each patch?

#Should palance patches be allowed to change set and grounded rules of the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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What I will say is that “orbitals” in other games not being able to go through ceilings has at times been kinda irritating. Like this other game where players can call down an even bigger Orbital Laser, but cannot do so anymore once people go into even the smallest of shelters.

Maybe “ceiling penetration” could have been reserved for some but not all the orbitals? For example, Regular Hank unable to bomb through ceiling, but TS Hank’s Orbital Laser drill being able to go through ceilings is reasonable and logical given that it’s a huge laser drill.


This I would have been fine with and even welcomed. He is supposed to be a little more offensive than Hank is as well so it fits his kit.

This thread is not just about Orbitals though mind you, Its just the biggest example I could think of off the top of my head.


There’s lots of little things added to stage 2 that annoy me as a veteran legacy player… Ether for the chase for perfect game balance, or in attempt to make game clear or easier understand for new players…

A big one for me, even thou it’s small in overall gameplay… the light beacons on wildlife buffs! Come on… now for OP map variant I can acceapt it, being the focus of map is hunting and gains buffs… but for regular hunt it completely ruins a “feel” of realism… in fact I also liked the element of randomness the buffs spawn had in legacy, making games a bit more random and unique, instead of predetermined spawns and choreographed route to gurenteed buffs


Predetermined spawn locations for all wildlife bother me quite a bit. Every monster I see runs the exact same way on every map. Its so predictable. There is no variation in starting. To not go the exact same path every time is a detriment to your chances of winning as a monster player and that is something I find inexcusable.


You didn’t read a word of what I wrote did you?

Perhaps you should look at what this thread is about before you open your mouth and say something stupid.

I actually spent a good deal of time writing this out and thinking about what I wanted to say. the least you could do is give it a once over before you post.


Nah, if you’ve been looking at the forums and seeing this guy around, you’d know that’s asking the impossible from him.

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Balance =/ fun?

This game isn’t even balanced, and here you are crying about people getting confused over orbital strikes.

I’m arguing for the fact that rule inconsistency is only going to make matters worse in the long run of this game.

It is detrimental due to taking even longer to learn the mechanics and rules of the universe and thus it is detrimental to player retention.

Nobody here is crying. The purpose of this thread is to hopefully collect player feedback on how not what balance changes are implemented but on how they effect the games rules and thus the person playing. I believe that could be an important piece of information for the developers to take note of.

This is literally one of the smallest issues I’ve ever seen, and to make a big fuss about, especially from a regular, is crazy.

Other thing that has bothered me, is consistency on TRS balance dept standpoint on game mechanics… ex. The invisibilty debate, as known supports cloak class ability was deemed “to difficult” “toxic” for the new and casual player to understand to use properly as Hunter, or fight against as monster… (I argue it was difficult to understand, but just needed improved visual indicators for Hunter team & monster to be better unstood and recognized its activated and radius)… then battle Cabot hits, with almost the same exact mechanics as old cloak with his “new” orbital ability (but with improved visuals) and it’s totally inline with current balance???

I’m still a bit salty about that original ability change, also the wraith decoy change away from the invisibly… but I do like the shield burst, and the added depth it adds to damage support comps… that said I am liking TRS balance having a renewed faith in the average gamers ability to learn and play around an invisible elements and ability back into game


Well that is your opinion, and you are entitled to it but I do not believe it to be true in the slightest.

If new players cant understand mechanics due to inconsistency of how they work then the game will suffer a lack of players. That is a big issue I feel.

Now I do want to keep this thread a bit more on track so that it is a little easier to find the actual inputs on the matter so if you have anything else to say to me that is not critique of balance consistencies please PM me.

If they are new, then they don’t have to relearn that orbital strikes go through caves…

That’s irrelevant information to this. What they may have trouble with is why does this ability work a certain way when all others do not. We have seen the proof on here where several have already come here and posted that someone was hacking or it glitched when in fact it did not.

People are having a hard time understanding this due to inconsistency in ability rules.

This going to happen with every single patch…

Which is why we need consistency in the worlds rules and mechanics.

You want no balance changes huh? So people like you don’t get confuzzled?

I wouldn’t even bother with this guy, tbh.


Why even ask for others’ opinions, if your plan is simply to present your argument and reject everyone who disagrees?

Now I’m not saying I support his inflammatory behaviour, but your flat rejection of others is a no-go for productive discussion, which gives the impression, true or not, that you are pushing your agenda thoughtless of others’ opinions.

##For the record, I don’t support that guy.

So you consider this half of the population more important than the other half? Let’s turn it around and have you be the one to reverse the orbital change. Now you are the one disregarding half the population and creating the “effect on the game”. Is this action any more justified?

Back on topic, you claim cave orbitals are “inconsistent”. TRS has made ALL orbitals usable in caves. Is that not “consistency”?

consistent, adj: constantly adhering to the same principles, course, form etc.

If you take a closer look at your text, you seem to be using a different definition of “consistency”, or rather your own definition, since it doesn’t appear in widely-accepted discourse.

So basically, what you’re calling “consistency” is actually immersion, or suspension of disbelief, or natural indication of game mechanics. This is the main problem, for people that are against the change: immersion. And also “I’m not used to this, I don’t like change, why is there change”. While I do like having those immersion, Evolve is a game that has always, and will always, put the gameplay experience as the highest priority, and I support this being the case. And as for the natural indication, I will speak more on that below.

Also, you claim that orbitals in caves is a balance decision. It’s not. It’s one for reliability of performance for orbital characters. TRS can easily balance the winrates of orbital characters by making them more powerful to compensate their loss of strength in caves. In the end, that will lead to “balance”, but not a satisfying game experience, where the orbital characters can’t feel useful within a cave, and feel overpoweringly strong outside of them.

Finally, you argue that the cave orbitals have led to new player frustrations. Being unable to use one entire quarter or your kit, just because the monster was domed (possibly by a teammate) in a cave, is even more frustrating. On top of that, while TRS could have done a better job communicating the change to people who don’t read the forums, they have made the indication quite clear to the orbital-using player, given that the unable-to-cast indicator will no longer show. Monsters and teammates can learn within a single cast of the orbital, and if they’re sceptical, they can check the forums. And to a new player, who has not experienced no-caves-orbitals before, it feels perfectly natural that their kit wouldn’t be arbitrarily uncastable based on whether the game has art drawn over the location.


A good question, but very difficult to unpack with a game like Evolve.

Focusing on the example at hand though, I think by and large orbitals shouldn’t be able to be used in caves (as both a very regular hunter & monster player). Yes, caves are often monster friendly, but that also is countered by fights outside caves as being usually very hunter friendly. And while it’s a fictional universe, yes, and there’s plenty of things we need to suspend disbelief for, this feels a little “broken” for lack of a better expression…

More than anything, I worry that the constant changes in mechanics in the game lends itself to a fundamental weakness in newer players understanding an already complex, multi-layered game.

Yes, this is one change, but stacked on top of new perks, monster passives, balance adjustments, dome timer changes etc., it feels like it’s never going to really be grounded; I don’t blame new players for suspecting hacking etc. trying to keep up with the changes.

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