A place for us to get rid of all our cool (bad) ideas!


I thought it might be neat for us to have a thread for all the awesome new (half baked) ideas for game modes and mechanics! Whether they make sense or not just dump them here and put them on display.

The Floor is Lava
Every 90 seconds the floor turns to lava. The dirt gravel and grasses. Rocks and cliffs and streams are unaffected.

If all 4 hunters have two strikes on their health then they can merge together and become a giant. A literal mythological giant and its moves mimic the opposing Monsters moves.

Mud Slinging
1 elected Hunter gets to grow to the size of the Monster and they will both don boxing gloves and have a Punch Out style boxing match.

3 people play as monsters and destroy a city in a timed side scrolling smash and grab for points. (No relation to any N64 titles of the same name.)

Any game mode where I would think it would be neat or cool or awesome in which for some reason the Monster and Hunters have to fight another force that would completely destroy the balance such as a Robot, Another Monster, The Ocean, Greek Deities.

So please feel free to chime in with any of your stellar ideas. Whether you actually put thought into them or one popped into your head while you were bored at work. Let’s get all of these great ideas in one place instead of just posting every thought we have as a new thread.


Haha I love it!

I think a hunt mode on Shear’s moon would be great! Imagine all the hunters in space suits… and a gerat big fishbowl helmet for goliath!


Everyone is in hamster balls… nuff said


Cool but bad ideas, huh?

Skins for the hunters that give everyone “Deal with it” shades.


An ocean level that’s on or under water or a swamp level that cadres to the kraken and Cthulhu lore


4v0 hunters vs nothing!! Haha!!!
Ok how about the monster can be any wildlife it wants and the hunters have to figure it out which one is the monster


Or you have to figure out which hunter is a monster in a 3 v 1 “the thing” scenario


8vs2, 12vs3 modes… yeah, just kidding.

Regicide is the Free-for-All replacement in War Games for Halo 4. The game is centered around killing other players to become the King and reign as long as possible. Killing the King earns the killer a bounty that increases in value the longer a king lives. There are no personal ordinance drops, only random ordinance drops.

one player is the monster, can not eat. everytime he is killed another one gets to be king. doesnt work with medics and stuff… but oh well :smiley:


Wildlife Simulator: Shear Edition.

A game mode which pits you and four other players against one another as the animals of Shear. Everyone initially starts out as a lowly animal and must reproduce and create a pack before they can move up to a higher tier of wildlife (Harmless > Defensive > Dangerous). At any time, each player may choose to attack one another for things such as resources to even feeding their pack. The goal of this game mode is to create a powerful enough pack to take down a Tyrant before the other players.

Oh, and you have to do ALL of this while there’s an AI controlled Monster and Hunter group attempting to kill one another.


having the behemoth play the indiana jones theme whenever he rolls.



Also, having played with minions a few games during press release, I’m starting to think that 2v4 could be neat versus monsters that cannot evolve. Will need heavy tweaking to monsters for that game mode, but hey, it’d be nice to mess and coordinate with another player!


Two ideas.

First, a hide and seek mode. 5 players, the first starts off as a Goliath, while the other 4 are hunters. The monster has to find and hit/kill the hunters (depends on balance reasons), when they die they become goliaths as well. If hunters survive x mins they win, if not the goliaths win. Some considerations for this.
First, stop the smell ability from highlighting hunters, as this would make it too easy.
Because of this only daytime/clear skies maps are allowed (not 100% sure on this! depends on how easy it is to find the hunters)
I’m thinking the hunters should all start as Maggie, and only be able to use the harpoon traps, this way they can fight back a bit, but they’re still easy to kill. However, if people teaming up as hiders and spamming traps makes it too hard on the monster, change this.
Get rid of goliaths abilities, it’s more likely that it’s just hit the hunter to turn them, so this could make it easy to spam firebreath to win.
If they become easy to avoid due to their noise level, dampen it down
Get rid of all the wildlife so as to prevent distractions

Second idea, hunting old school style.
Teams of hunters have nothing but their bare hands, which do a minimal amount of damage, to hunt down and kill wildlife, the type of which is decided before game by the hunters.
A progression system of sorts is in this mode, you start off fighting an easy creature, perhaps one reaver, and move onto more difficult/more wildlife
This mode might be more fun if you could disable the limit of 4 hunters, imagine 16 hunters bare-fisted boxing a tyrant
Edit: This could also be a nice place for TRS to show off all the wildlife that couldn’t make the full game


I want this:

400 VS 100!