A parting analysis of the rise and fall of shear

Pretty much.

He is atleast accurate in balancing based off whine threads of people who can’t use tactics. Just look at Slim and his lack of compensative buff for his spore nerf. Seems the same with hyde nade buff on a strong competetive character. It’s absurd at times. It’s a frustrating policy knowing balance is second to bad players.

Doomsayers said this game was headed for a downward spiral. That IS fact. They could potentially correct it before it crashes, but as of now (I’m no clairvoyant, I only state facts about the ppresent) the downward spiral they spoke of is in effect. The player base is on a steady decline.

The “fix your flaws” was a conclusion to the overall analysis, the summary of which was your final quote in that post.

Then my parting analysis is that this man is uninformed, overopinionated, full of the following:
-Hot air
-Several materials usually designated for redistribution of the sewer system

And furthermore, no longer belongs on this forum.

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Please do inform me then. It’s cute to see people so quick to say “you’re wrong,” but with An inability to say why or how.

Guys, lets wind down the hostilities :wink:
I’m tagging
@TheMountainThatRoars to keep an eye on this thread

Lagger is confused as to what the hell is going on in this thread…

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it’s okay Lagger just… think of sunshine and Unicorns

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“Fuck no!”


I think of volcano’s and ash, blocking out the sun forever when I want to be happy. :smiling_imp:

I wasn’t accusing you of being wrong. I was making my own analysis.

You seem to think that you know how this game is going to go - Which you don’t.
You seem to think that your opinions are going to change the game.
You’ve got a lot to say which really amounts to nothing given that you’re in the heart of the fanbase saying it’s going to die.
##Full of Hot-air.
You seem to think your opinion matters to any of us, and it should be listened to.
##Full of yourself.
That post you made?
##Full of that last thing.

And, lastly, of course.

You clearly do not care for this game anymore. You do not care for the community, and if you actually gave a damn about the future of this game, you’d be supporting it like we do. As it stands, this entire thread is a goodbye post, which could’ve been more effective in ruining the game by not saying a thing as you left. Go quietly into the night.

Thusly, since you are no longer a player

#You no longer belong on this forum.

That is my analysis. Take it or leave it.

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what. Do you not Praise the Sun? or remember the Unicorns that gored a security guard in cabin in the woods? ^.^

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You know what? I’m out. This thread confuses me too much.


k bye
10 popo

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He may or may not be present, but I am.

You’re toeing the line now. Calm down and return to the subject matter and discuss it like gents or we’ll have to take action.

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I kind of feel the same way…Such a brilliant concept, so much wasted potential because of so many things that could’ve been avoided. I only play if I have friends on to join with or if I feel like going Monster…It’s sad. I still love the game, but it could’ve been so much better.

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All thou, I agree to a certain point. There’s too many “nerf this and that hurr and durr”-people in this community.

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@Shin Stealing my thunder is not, has never been and will never be helping me. :angry: I leave for ten seconds to work and you stab me in the back.

B-but… I’m sorry Rose. :cry:
I won’t do it again.

…I was kidding.