A parting analysis of the rise and fall of shear

Only in part due to my own waning enthusiasm, I think tonight was the last time I will actively patrol shear. I feel it appropriate to leave with an explanation and some parting bit of wisdom for the guardians of shear (devs) to hopefully glean informing from.

First, I’m The last Mohican out of over 30 people on my friends list who actively play this game and follow the development. The Combination of the direction of the game and at the same time the LACK of direction has culled nearly 3 dozen of my friends from the game. They have became fed up with TRS putting those of us who’ve been here since before Day One on a back burner in an obviously failed attempt to stave off the games cancerous fate.

While boosting player base appears to be the immediate cure, it’s not. You can only focus SOLELY on catering to the whims of casuals and rookies for so long, before your veteran player base grow ungodly tired of having to put up with the same senseless errors that should have been focused on since Day One. I myself, and even more so the 33 people on my list, are done putting up with monsters glitching out of domes, rock smashes, dying while having personal shield on our because it delays by seconds, Parnell’s Stupid Soldier, falling through maps, drunken Daisy, broken team AI, lack of the least bit of intelligent matchmaking… All so you can focus on balancing in the favor of whomever whines the loudest this week.

What you’ve done is essentially paint the walls of a crumbling house and hoped that it takes attention from the rotting foundation.

Everyone I play with is gone or on their last breath. Monsters and hunters alike. This week I’ve finally had to come to terms. The fact is, the doomsayers that I once belittled were right. The only option I have left, that 90% of us have, is to Play with randoms, the vast majority whom have no skill or sense of real strategy or purpose. That’s not what I bought the game to do, or spent nearly 200 dollars in DLC to support.

I’m not sayIng this to be an asshole, I’m almost heartbroken rather than angry to see such a wonderful idea flop in this manner. I’m saying this in the most sincere form of respectful criticism and recommendation that I have left. Your project will never recoup to its former player base, but if you want any prayer of keeping a breathing community, focus more on fixing what your core fans have been coping with since the beginning, or you’ll never keep a core fan base. Fix your base flaws before you try to fine tune.

On behalf of all those who hunted with and against me, good luck Shear.

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Reading the title I thought this was going to be a Galactus thread, and then I realized it was more complaining.

Thank you for becoming the official voice of the community, and for basically telling TRS how to do its job.

I said an analysis.

"An. "

That’s an indefinite article, which intrinsically defines itself as unofficial, as the official voice would require the definitive article, “the.”

Also, as stated quite explicitly, I’m speaking for about 33 players who all share my opinion. Not the community. Your attempt at sarcasm, while pathetic, was evoke hearted enough to warrant me giving you a D+ for effort.


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Sounds like you’re trying to tell TRS what to do and how to run their game.

K den.

Saying you aren’t trying to be an asshole, doesn’t make you sound like any less of one.

Now, in fear of getting all of my posts flagged, I won’t respond to this thread again. If you’d like to continue the discussion, message me. If not, you seem like a smart guy and you definitely thought this thread out pretty well. Have a good day, man.

EDIT: Nvm, disregard the last two sentences of that last paragraph. Just read your edit. :blush:

I have to remove my edit now. You responded with something that attempted to be thought out.

Well now, you did see my edit. So that second edit was pointless.

Well it most certainly wasn’t pointless, because what you said was the kind of stuff that would get this thread shut down. We do have Community Guidelines, homey. I would suggest reading them.

I didn’t tell them they had to do that. I gave them my analysis of what needed to be done.

An analysis:
Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something, typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation.

Detailed examination.
Not iinstruction or any sort of imperative statement.

An analysis.
So, to reiterate: An non definitive examination, as a basis for my stated interpretion the current state and future of evolve.


Prodigal needs to calm down. I’m staying out of the conversation, too much rustling. ^.-

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Also, I didn’t speak for the community. I spoke on the current state of the community, based on objective views and first hand experience.

Saying “the community doesn’t want to play random!” it’s speaking FOR the community. Saying “the community is being forced to play random,” is simply speaking ON the community.

And is an extremely true statement.


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Edited that before you quoted it.

~Joins in the cringes. If you looked at them side by side, it’d be one big cringe.~

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Actually, you didn’t. You edited it before I posted it. I quoted it before you edited it…


Touché. Well played, sir.

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@XkrSkorpion ILY

@Shin Where is Ren when we need her and her magical gorilla-jimmy-rustling-gif-thing?

@ProdigalKing Saying something like,

is NOT analyzing something. That’s stating a “fact”.

Saying something like,

is NOT analyzing something. That’s giving a command.

Saying something like,

is NOT an analyzing something. That’s more or less issuing TRS an ultimatum.

Despite all this however, you seem to have thought this thread out well (unlike most complaint threads), and I applaud you for that, good sir.

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Ooh, and lastly, I may be an asshole for my analysis, but clarifying my intent does mean something. Intent can even mean the difference in criminal action.

I’ll help her. ^.^


@Shin Yay!

@ProdigalKing I don’t think you’re an asshole. Well, I didn’t, until that INCREDIBLY rude remark you made to me earlier. I was saying you sounded like one, not that you are.

This is gettin good.

Also, saying he’s an asshole is fine if it’s just a parting analysis, right?