A particular question about keybinding in Evolve


Traditionally, I’d like to map all 4 abilities to my mouse:

Scroll Up = Ability 1
Scroll Down = Ability 2
Left Thumb Button = Ability 3
Right Thumb Button = Ability 4

The thing is, there are some abilities like ROCK THROW, which function in a DUAL operation. You HOLD it to hold the Rock, and RELEASE to throw. Thing is, if that is mapped to SCROLL UP, the HOLD/RELEASE is instant and prevents you from delaying a throw.

Can the game be made to support toggling between “Hold/Release” mode (which is how it functions now and “Press Twice” mode, which would help in this case. My first scroll up would put me into “Hold Rock” mode and another scroll up would then throw the rock.


There is an option for toggling between “Release to Fire” where the Rock (Rock throw used as an example) is thrown as soon as you release the button and “Toggle to Fire” where you have to press the button a second time to throw the Rock.

This option can be found in the Keyboard/Mouse Options menu and is called “Monster Ability Trigger”.


That is fantastic. Thank you so much for confirming that @MajorLeeHyper. Good to see the team thought ahead enough to support that. Kudos!


What will you be binding the melee and smell buttons to, out of curiosity? I’m looking into alternative key binding myself.


Melle and smell are pretty much cool on the mouse for me.I tend to spam the smell when playing Monster.I’ll use the right click to smell more times than i’ll use the left click to attack :smile:

I mean game is giving me a wallhack i should spam it :stuck_out_tongue:


My thoughts exactly. Free wallhacks that you always have, can spam without penalty, are legitimate, easy to use, extremely effective, and highly spammable? There is no reason not to permanently be sniffing.


Yeah and pretty much the 2 things that will be most spammable are already in mouse so i’m cool with it.I could see my self put Sneak in Shift instead of Ctrl because its more close but that’s pretty much it.I like where the skills are.
I don’t like the V button for evolving but there is no reason to switch it since you won’t press it more than twice in a game :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah probably just put shift instead of ctrl


Where will climbing go then? :smiley:


The only thing I’m really worried about is can my key binding be different between each monster I’d rather put fire breath on my mouse wheel as a Goliath than rock throw. This allows me to auto attack sniff and fire breath in fights even I have easy access to all. Probably keep evolve and other abilities the same but change my sneak to shift for a more comfrotable and natural feel.


Shit forgot about that.Welp i’ll just leave everything as they are.Simply they work out good.Really good.


Melee/Shoot = LMB
Sniff/ADS = RMB
Ability 1 = Scroll Up
Ability 2 = Scroll Down
Ability 3 = Thumb Button 1
Ability 4 = Thumb Button 2

Class Change = 1-4
Spot = Q
Movement = WASD
Sneak = C
Jetpack/Traverse = Space
Climb = Shift
Evolve = Z
Use = E
MiniMap = TAB
Reload = R
Respawn = X


Oh, I see. I might try something similar, in fact- it looks like a very good control scheme.