A pack of trapjaws is now to be called a Bouquet


Heard this in game a couple of times before they explained it. Basically, daisy is a trapjaw Daisys are flowers. Multiple flowers are a bouquet. Multiple trapjaws are multiple daisys. Bouquet.


what the fuck did i just read


Words. You read words.


oh ok didnt know that :stuck_out_tongue:


you mean bouquet?


Lame… fuck


I approve of this message. Flower representation and all that.

…I’m not biased.


Heard this in reddit


I call them breakfast… Because I hate trapjaws and I will kill them and eat them… Even if I play hunter.

<3 Daisy though.


Well then. Nevermind.


I was thinking I were the one who posted it on reddit, I’m I right?


Fun Fact: A flock of Phantom’s is called a “Blight”.


No, no, Heard it ingame. If that’s where it’s from, forget it.


Trapjaw packs make me sad when I’m behemoth and hunters are chasing me. You would think the bouquet would topple like a set of bowling pings but they just try to eat me.

Only thing worse than birds on first meal is a trapjaw pack after landing 4 or more wildlife in a tiny area and they chase you out or lop off what little armor you have. I blame daisy as being a poor role model.


oh, didnt know it was in game. i thought someone made it up


No, I mean people on mic said it.



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