A Pack of Jets (Lets Talk Jetpacks)

I’m going to be breaking my rhyming ways by employing the ‘It’s Snowing On Mount Fuji’ clause, laid down by Daniel Avidan stating that every haiku, no matter how terribly rule-breaking it is, can be made a haiku by ending the statement with “It’s snowing on mount fuji.”

Thusly, I’d like to just applaud a little note, but also ask some questions.

Jetpacks. I’m not talking about their gameplay mechanics or how long you can fly with one, but rather - Has anyone else noticed that each class has, more or less, a class-specific jetpack?

in the tutorial for hunters, Markov mentions that he far more enjoys his newest pack as opposed to the last one he used, as the previous iteration couldn’t quite carry him. I’ve noticed however that the propulsion stream emerging from the jetpacks of the three assaults (Hyde, Markov, Parnell) are all strikingly similar, looking a lot like billowing fiery explosions. But the other characters don’t quite have this.

The Supports have jets on their boots as well as their backs, at least from what I’ve seen.

Trappers meanwhile have multi-directional packs that seem to be coloured to match the forest.

And lastly, of course, we’ve got Medics with their easily distinguished ‘dragonfly’ packs - Four large manuvering wings with a thruster below them all.

I’m just wondering, what’s the reasoning? Please, discuss, might be interesting to find out what you all think.

And, of course,

It’s snowing on Mt. Fuji.

Just for aesthetics I imagine. In universe they probably all have different manufacturers and what not. But for gameplay they all act the same.

But my friend, this isn’t about the gameplay! It’s about the universe, and what’s in it! Why do medics need wings on their packs? Is there some sort of history to that? Why would supports have jets on their feet…?

And it’s snowing on mount fuji.

I believe one of the biggest reasons, in addition to aesthetics, is making each class more recognizable for the Monster. Jetpacks are big part of the silhouette, which is all the monster can see when sniffing out Hunters through objects.

Edit: Oh, not about gameplay? Uh… because science? Because it’s science on Mount Fuji?


IIRC all support have a mech-type support system in place to help hold their large weapons (except for :bucket_cute:) so the thrusters on their boots help compensate for the added weight.

Medics would need to be able to quickly maneuver to fallen soldiers on the battlefield, so the multi wrong pack may aid them in that.

Trappers to me look like the most durable packs, able to handle all kinds of bad weather.

Assault packs looks powerful, and would need to be in order to move those giant suits.

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I think its just a class thing.
Assaults: Big and Strong, thus giant billows of fire make them look cool
Support: Rocket boots, almost look like braces (or Supports ehhhh)
Medic: Guardian angels, angel wings, you get it
Trapper: needing to be nimble, a small jetpack would allow for lighting fast manuevering, and would prevent any unneeded catches on branches and things while evading trees and what have you.
Just my theory on it

Oh and I believe the Medic jet packs are supposed to look like the medic logo on Val’s beret. Or vice versa.