A now more popular anti-fun monster playstyle


Ever since the DLC dropped, I’ve been seeing more monsters play “don’t touch me till I’m stage 3” and the will Run run and run even at stage 2 with full armor they will just keep leaping around the dome in a circle and if you try to stand in their path they just wont move.

It used to be easily stoppable, but with T4’s we have no area denial so they have nothing to worry about unless Crow happens to land a good stasis shot, I know some may not see this as an issue, but games when monsters do this are just annoying, no fun at all, and drag on forever.

sorry if this feels like a rant.

EDIT: I mean monsters in the dome constantly run circle IN the dome,I understand it may partially be a bad trapper but still…


Its also no fun having every bit of health drained away by a moment of focus fire, Tier 4 hunters are extremely powerful and frankly im having a hard time adjusting to them, they just melt my baby Goliath so fast


T4’s have the best area denial.


They have nothing that makes the monster not want to go a certain direction,
like Abe’s grenades, Buckets turrets, Hydes grenades, Markovs mines.
Thats what I mean


If you focus Slim the rest fall like dominoes


Torvalds Mortars and Sunnys shield drone make me avoid areas at all costs


but they arent able to disrupt you from running circles to avoid damage or being slowed


Besides Slims spore cloud, Sunnys shield drone and Torvalds Mortars… yea I guess they don’t.


[quote=“AggroDragon, post:7, topic:50148, full:true”]
but they arent able to disrupt you from running circles to avoid damage or being slowed
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Not when sunnys drone is protecting him, also he can pump out heals like no ones business, I went an entire stage 3 fight just mashing the left mouse and F (my keybind for heal burst) and, despite catching a Lvl 3 rock throw straight to the face, i was back to 100% in mere seconds, reload speed on his shotty is absolutely ridiculous


Crows stasis is actually an excellent tool for stopping dome dodging, he can keep you slowed for an entire dome duration, leaving you wide open for mortars and nukes all day long


,well I guess thats what I get for playing with pugs :confused: dying by being focused, even with heal spams, but still, Its annoying to constantly chase a monster for 10 plus minute with only getting 3 armor bars gone after 3 domes, Do you know any counters to stop them from leap/ warping constantly


I guess I should play crow instead of slim, because every crow I play with just tries to spam long rifle


Its as simple as Charged stasis, unload long rifle, charged, unload, charged, repeat. Me and a slim soloed a half health goliath using this method, granted it got a little dicey at times but the fact a medic and a trapper took down a half health, stage 3 is honestly troubling


depends on how skilled the monster was


I have not noticed a change. If you are talking about Behemoth players, then I’d say give them a chance. :wink:


He was decent, knew how to manage his skills, used traversals to full capability, and he had managed to get 2 strikes on both support and assault at stage 2 so he wasnt some pansy cake that couldnt fight, but after assault and support died (we split up and they got smashed) me and slim just fluttered around and unloaded on him, if he focused anyone it was easy as hell to escape with a spore, and i was never below half health since directly after a spore slim could bug me. Idk, maybe i just got lucky, all i know is that the damage potential this tier has is ridiculous


You make it sound like all Monster Players conspired to just start doing this cus it was the cool thing to do. The reason why we do it is because the Tier 4 Hunters are WAY too damn strong and our Health and Armor MELT so quickly it’s not even fun anymore. Seriously, if you want Anti-Fun try playing monster against the new Tier 4 hunters. That is Anti-Fun.


No area denial? What do you think mortars & Mininukes are? Huge area damage IS area denial. Why do you think the Monsters are running away? One thing I noticed since the update is that AI Monsters will not fight in a dome at all once their armor drops at Stage 1 or 2 - they literally just run around in circles. Even if you know where they’re gonna be, they’re hauling ass at max speeds. Not fun when the AI does it, but far less fun when unpredictable players do it & you know they’re stalling for Stage 3. T4 brings the hurt that Behemoth & post-patch Wraith can’t handle, so they don’t have much choice.


With my Goliath and Kraken, I still continue to win at Stage 2, 90% of my games.
Behemoth is…an other story. :-/