A note to turtle rock studios


Will there by split screen available ? Like cod ? See I have a dilemma, my girlfriend is a gamer too . Playing cod works great for us because we can both login and play multiplayer together on a single xbox one . See I have a very large TV (70") so the split screen doesn’t bother us . The longevity I’m able to play the game is directly impacted on this aspect. I’m in love with the game and I would love to be able to play this game as two hunters with my gf. See gotta keep the gf happy since she is my roommate and she feeds me :unamused:


No there is no split screen in the game, sorry man


This should be made possible. . . . Absolutely should be looked in to. @DamJess


They’ve already talked about it I believe, I don’t remember what they said though. I really can’t see split screen being fun for this game, but we all have our own opinions. Just think you need to not have the distraction of a second screen.


Well, if you are focusing on what you’re doing, I don’t think the second screen should bother you


yeap, grew up on split screen. laser precision focus.


Quote from Plaff in one of the other topics for this

I can answer this lol, I've seen it in an interview with someone from Turtle Rock. Basically, if there are two screens the game has to render twice as much, and this means there'd be less foliage. This obviously is a problem because then monsters can't hide properly. If you were playing split screen as two hunters, the monster would be spotted in a bush easier since there is less of it, giving your team an unfair advantage.

It's in this interview at 5:33 if any of you are interested



I completely understand the turtle rock perspective . I’m just saying my girlfriend if less likely to leave me because I’m playing evolve too much if she can play too . Lol . No worries but I will need an easy way to switch between profiles turtle rock .


taxes are coming. buy her a box and tell her to leave yours alone!


Seeing as a lot of Monsters employ that tactic (hiding in bushes) that would be unfair.


It’s been talked about many, many times and it will not happen due to technical limitations.


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