A new tournament format (I think) that I came up with


Hey all! I’m not sure if this tournament format that I just thought of is original or not. Regardless I’d like to share it and get some feedback on it. :slightly_smiling:

I like to call this format the “Godzilla” format, because in this tournament format, there is only ONE monster player. Yes, only one. All other players in this tournament are teams of hunters. Needless to say, the sole monster player could be the tournament organizer (or someone s/he nominates).

The objective, of course, for the hunter teams is to defeat the monster player. What makes this a tournament is that the rules for who wins are as follows:

  • Whoever defeats the sole monster player in the fastest time would be declared the winner of the tournament.
  • If no one can defeat the monster player, then the team who survives the longest time in-match will be declared the winner.

I’m not claiming this tournament idea is infallible, so if anyone has any ideas how to perfect it I would be open to them. But this is why I started my earlier thread asking for Evolve players from my region of Western New York. I was hoping to organize a tournament in the above format (with me as the monster) at a venue in my city of Rochester, NY.

If anyone else wants to use this tournament format in the meantime, go for it! Just call it by its…proper name, the “Godzilla” format. :wink:


Sorry for the bump, but I’m surprised no one has any input on this. Was this done before? If so I’m sorry if it appears I’m trying to take credit for it, because that’s not the case. I’m just trying to determine its viability as a tournament format.


what only the final hitter is the winner is that correct I thought this was a team effort


It is a team effort. I’m saying the team that defeats the sole monster player would win.


oho so if monster wins the team loses but if the hunters win the hunters win the tournament


You sort of got it. We’re talking multiple teams here though - what I am saying is that the team that defeats the monster the fastest is the winner. This is assuming more than one team is playing.

Also, if none of the teams are capable of defeating the monster, then the team that survived the longest against the monster is declared winner. This ensures there is an actual winner, but certainly not in an “everyone wins” way.