A new team of planet tamers?


So I was curious in the future they might bring a different crew of planet tamers to help deal with the monster. Cabot isn’t the only planet tamer in the galaxy.It allow them to leave shear and fight monsters on other planets. Might even allow them to have hunter vs hunter teams in friendly completions/game modes.

So what are your thoughts on the matter?


Canonically speaking, they are stuck on Shear, Shear is a dead world no one cares about anymore. It was lost to the Monsters and the only reason Cabot and the team are still there is because they need a Patterson Drive for FTL travel offworld.

The game is designed for 4v1. Hunter VS Hunter or Monster VS Hunter or anything other than 4v1 would not work.


I believe he meant that the story could “leave Shear”, not necessarily Cabot’s group.


Ah, well if that is indeed what he meant its still highly unlikely since you’d need brand new Hunters, Monsters, maps, lore, etc.


i think its possible to add a second world as the monsters “migrate” then any games on the first world would be seen as them practicing “population control” where as the 2nd world would be them working to prevent future issues of a third world etc.


On the bright side I do think they managed to get the evacuation ship off canonically, though they didn’t leave with it because they were busy heroically buying time.


Cabot: “Hello, you’re the other band of Planet Tamers aren’t you? Are you here to help us kill these Monsters?”

Mysterious Captain of the Other Planet Tamers: “Psh, screw that, we’re here to kill you and take your oil!!!”

Too political? Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t think Hunter’s vs Hunter’s would make sense, why fight each other when there’s Monsters destroying the whole galaxy?


Nice Cabot imitation. If you overlay his voice like that it sounds like him


I try and make Cabot sound as bland as possible, like he’s admiring the bowl of normal corn flakes he’s eating. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha. i dont think he sounds like that at all. or maybe i got your example a lil misinterpreted. but i can’t really explain it myself though so…lol


He always sounds dark, and brooding to me, but in the most bland and serious tone possible. I don’t mean he sounds boring, just that he’s probably the calmest out of all the Hunter’s, closest to being a normal person, personality wise.


ah. that makes more sense.

whenever he talks. it sounds like…he already knows the result sometimes. but he hides it


I feel like he does hide quite a bit. I wonder how much Val actually knows, she’s so trained that I doubt she’s completely just “good spy,” now. I’m sure while she’s become fond of the team, she still relays information to her superiors.


yea. some of the characters are very intersting and i wish i could go more in-depth on them. lennox and cabot are probably two of my favorite characters personality wise


Lennox has a personality?


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